AEW RAMPAGE RESULTS (3/29): Dustin Rhodes vs. The Butcher, Roderick Strong vs. Matt Menard, Donna Purrazzo vs. Rose, Mariah May vs. Nikita

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 29, 2024 (Taped 3/27)

—AEW Rampage opening aired. There was a firework display. Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were on commentary for the show.


Dustin Rhodes received a solid reaction. Butcher didn’t get an entrance. Butcher took control early working over Rhodes’ arm. Rhodes responded using Butcher’s momentum sending him to the floor. Rhodes took control catching Butcher with a Dragon Screw on the floor. Butcher responded by catching Rhodes’ arm against the ropes. Butcher took control running Rhodes’ arm into the turnbuckle. Butcher ran Rhodes’ arm into the ring post. Butcher planted Rhodes with a backbreaker. [c]

Rhodes caught Butcher with a Code Red for a two count as they returned from break. Rhodes made a comeback rocking Butcher with corner strikes. Rhodes planted Butcher with a snap powerslam for two. Rhodes called for Cross Rhodes. Butcher countered into a crossface but Rhodes placed his foot on the ropes. Rhodes responded by catching Butcher with a Cross Rhodes. Rhodes delivered a spinning suplex for the win.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes in 10:36

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine match. It’s still good to see Dustin Rhodes having good competitive matches. A nice showing from Rhodes as he looked good in the win.)

—They showed highlights of the Bullet Club Gold invading Billy Gunn’s home. Jay White challenged The Acclaimed to an AEW Trios Title match. White was about to wreck the home with his bat. Billy Gunn and his wife appeared to send Bullet Club Gold running.

—They showed highlights of The Young Bucks along with Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta advancing in the AEW World Tag Team tournament.


Deonna Purrazzo got another mild reaction from the crowd. Rose got some shine rocking Purrazzo with quick strikes. Purrazzo quickly took control, pulling on Rose’s arm. Purrazzo applied an arm lock but Rose broke free. Purrazzo caught Rose with a leg sweep for two. Rose responded by rocking Purrazzo with combination kicks. Purrazzo responded by drilling Rose with a pump kick. Purrazzo caught Rose in a backbreaker takeover to the mat. Purrazzo transitioned, placing Rose in a Fujiwara Armbar for the submission win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 3:47

(Amin’s Thoughts: A simple squash match for Purrazzo to give her a quick showcase win.)

—They showed highlights from Will Ospreay’s win over Katsuyori Shibata on Dynamite. They aired a graphic showing Ospreay will be facing Powerhouse Hobbs this coming Wednesday on Dynamite.

—Mariah May was dressed as classic Toni Storm. The screen turned black and white. AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm came out with Luther. Storm said she’s the champion. She said she’s not able to compete tonight. She claimed she injured her hamstring. She said Mariah May will take her spot. Storm asked May if she’s ready. May said yes.

(3) MARIAH MAY (w/“Timeless” Toni Storm & Luther) vs. NIKITA

May shined early, rocking Nikita with a basement dropkick. May planted Nikita with a spinning slam. [c]

May rocked Nikita with a running dropkick against the ropes as they returned from break. Nikita responded by catching May with a running forearm. Nikita followed with a running bulldog for a near fall. May responded by rocking Nikita with a head butt for a two count. May made a comeback rocking Nikita with a Storm hip attack. May delivered May Day for the win.

WINNER: Mariah May in 7:09

(Amin’s Thoughts: A strong showing from May who looked great in the win. May has been really entertaining playing the classic Storm character.)

—Lexi Nair was backstage with Zak Knight and Harley Cameron. Knight said he wasn’t a coward for not fighting Angelo Parker in his home country. He said he didn’t challenge Parker in his home country of Norwich England with his dad as referee and mom as time keeper. Cameron was playing with Nair’s hair. He said he was in Parker’s head. He said Parker doesn’t look so cool now. Parker appeared decking Knight with a right hand. A brawl broke out as Parker attacked Knight with a pipe. Knight left. Parker turned around and saw Ruby Soho. Parker dropped his pipe. Soho told Parker she brought him into this. She told Parker to not go looking for a fight. She said there was a reason. She kissed Parker on the lips. She said she can’t be here for this. She left. [c]

—They aired a Righteous highlight package.

(4) RODERICK STRONG (w/Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. MATT MENARD — AEW International Title Eliminator Match

Menard got a solid reaction with the show taking place in Quebec. The crowd cheered as Menard said something to Bennett in French. The crowd was chanting in French. Menard shined early, catching Strong with a pair of arm drags. Strong rolled to the floor. Menard rocked Strong with strikes on the floor. Menard rocked Strong with a flying shoulder tackle. [c]

Strong took control stomping away on Menard as they returned from break. The crowd cheered as Menard made a comeback rocking Strong with clotheslines. The crowd counted along in French as Menard rocked Strong with corner strikes. Menard planted Strong with a uranage for two. Menard grabbed a handful of tights catching Strong with a rollup for a near fall. Strong responded by catching Parker with a gut buster for two.

Menard responded by catching Strong in a Boston Crab. Taven stood on the ring apron. Strong grabbed the ropes to force a break. Referee Bryce Remsburg just watched as Taven again stood on the ring apron. Menard moved as Strong almost hit Taven. Menard caught Strong with a cutter. Strong placed his foot on the ropes. Menard knocked Bennett and Taven off the ring apron. Strong took advantage, rocking Menard with a jumping knee strike for the win.

WINNER: Roderick Strong in 12:49

—Bennett and Taven attacked Parker after match. Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta ran down to make the save. Orange rocked Taven with an Orange Punch. Orange and Bennett hugged. Matthew and Nicholas Jackson gave both Orange and Bennett a low blow. Matthew and Nicholas gave Orange and Bennett a double EVP Trigger. The show ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: The crowd reaction for Menard made this match more fun to watch. The outside interference from Bennett and Taven was getting a bit overboard. It was notable that Daniel Garica wasn’t ringside for Menard’s match. Menard was on commentary and had come to Garcia’s help. This could lead to Menard getting upset with Garcia and possibly going heel. The problem is Menard is a lower mid-card act on the show. I’m not really sure how much interest there would be seeing a Garcia and Menard match. On the other hand, The Undisputed Kingdom act is ice cold. This win by Strong didn’t change anything. The post-match angle was fine, setting up The Young Buck vs. Orange & Bennett tournament tag match.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This was a very basic and mostly skippable episode of AEW Rampage.

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