NXT STAND & DELIVER PLE RESULTS (4/6): Hazelwood’s live report on Hayes-Williams, Dragunov-D’Angelo, Valkyria-Perez, Wolf Dogs vs. Frazer & Axiom, more



APRIL 6, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid

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(I’m here at 5:45 am in Honolulu to do this report and it’s still dark here. Apologies ahead of time if my takes aren’t as detailed as on Tuesdays. This includes missing the pre-show Shawn Spears vs. Joe Gacy match as I was still getting ready. Ridge Holland was on the pre-show panel and hit Gacy with a chair during Gacy’s entrance, yet the match still went about ten minutes with Gacy winning with the Upside Down. Also, peacock seems to be having some streaming issues.)


-The show began with Meta-Four making their entrance immediately, then shifted to a video of the four at an Italian restaurant. Noam Dar complimented Oro Mensah on the suits and Mensah said the restaurant was Tony D’Angelo’s. They started about the Men’s Championship match with Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend adding stuff. Then they were cosplaying Chase U with Legend as the professor, giving a lesson on friendship to recap the Jacy Jayne-Thea Hail issues, and Legend even did a Chase impression by cussing out Dar when he asked a question. They were in an ambulance next to discuss the Lyra Valkyria-Roxanne Perez rivalry and how both had rode in an ambulance. Next was in the back dressed as Dijak to discuss the triple threat match with Oba Femi, Dijak, and Josh Briggs. Lastly, they were in the barber shop to discuss the main event of Hayes-Williams.

-Meta-Four, the hosts, then welcomed fans live in the building. Vic Joseph then took it away as he was joined by Booker T and Wade Barrett! Barrett is one of my favorite announcers from NXT history. Joseph threw to the Spanish announce desk next.

-Axiom and Nathan Frazer entered first. Wolf Dogs were next with Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker receiving pretty good pops and dog barks. No formal introductions as Alicia Taylor gave them during the entrances.

(1) WOLF DOGS (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) (c) vs. AXIOM & NATHAN FRAZER – NXT Tag Team Championship match

The challengers hit multiple tope attacks before the bell, then Axiom hit an Orihara moonsault to Corbin and Breakker. Breakker was rolled inside by Axiom, who hit a crossbody. The ref called for the bell and Frazer tagged in. Corbin did as well, but Frazer used his quickness to hit a counter DDT to the bigger man. Frazer used his misdirection rope runs before hitting a kick to the gut, but Corbin caught him with a big lariat. Frazer hit an enziguri counter, tagged in Axiom, and they hit double team offense including double thrust kicks. Axiom hit Breakker with an enziguri on the apron, but Corbin hit him with a big release Samoan drop and then a brainbuster. Breakker tagged in, wearing an Eagles-themed singlet, and gathered speed to clothesline Axiom so hard Axiom did about 1.5 rotations. Corbin tagged in and slowed it down.

He cut off the ring and kneed Axiom back into their corner, then tagged in Breakker. Barrett said he had sympathy for Booker T for sitting by Joseph for two years, “Been there, done that.” Breakker hit a big shoulder tackle and after the kickout, he did some pushups. Axiom caught Breakker with a sudden Spanish Fly counter that dazed Breakker. Both men made tags and Frazer caught Corbin with a springboard shotgun dropkick, then deposited Breakker outside. He hit his moonsault DDT after some maneuvering, then a running shooting star. He climbed for a phoenix splash, but rolled through only to eat a big Deep Six. He tagged in Breakker and hit a big powerbomb on Axiom, then set him for a Breakker spear, but Axiom hit a thunderous Golden Ratio and Frazer took out Corbin. Axiom fell into a cover and Breakker just kicked out.

Axiom climbed to the top, but Breakker met him. Axiom tried fighting him off, but Breakker leaped and hit a headbutt, then tagged in Corbin. Axiom fought him off, but Breakker came and hit a Frankensteiner into a (not really caught) Corbin powerbomb. Frazer flew off of the top to break up the pin as the crowd applauded the efforts of the four men. Axiom hit Breakker with a German. Corbin then caught him with an uranage into the corner. Frazer hit an enziguri, but then Breakker caught him with a gutbuster. Axiom caught Breakker on the ropes and hit an avalanche Spanish Fly. Frazer tagged in and hit a springboard 450, but Breakker kicked out and the two challengers looked stunned. Frazer climbed for a phoenix splash, but Breakker met him and took out his leg. Corbin took out Axiom with a Bossman slam and then Breakker hit his belly-to-back cutter, only from the top rope! Corbin, for some reason, climbed to the top rope and hit a big splash to Frazer for only a two-count.

Breakker dropped the straps on the outside, but Axiom pulled away his partner and Breakker speared the steel steps, literally shifting them. Corbin then shoved both over the announce table, but the leaped onto him and attacked. They took it to him in the ring with a Golden Ratio and phoenix splash, but Breakker was just able to breakup the pin. Axiom caught Breakker with two stiff kicks, but Corbin caught Axiom into a counter End of Days. He then set for one on Frazer, but instead dropped him on his feet right in the path of a Breakker spear.

WINNER: Wolf Dogs at 11:25 (spear) to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

(Hazelwood’s Take: At one point in the match, the ref just said the hell with it and didn’t care about counting out the illegal man or count outs and you know what, I’m usually a stickler for this stuff, but this match was laid out well and with so much action, it almost made it impossible for the ref to really enforce those rules that, as we’ve heard so many times over the past months, is now “referee’s discretion.” It was a fun, hard-hitting match and it seems like Wolf Dogs will be on NXT for some time even with Breakker having a more visible role on Smackdown.)

-They showed Williams arriving earlier today, which would have been like midnight here, and then Hayes.

-Meta-Four were in Cowboys gear, which drew huge boos. Dar said they needed interviews and forced Mensah to go try and interview Oba Femi. He was nervous and called Femi “The Ruler.” Femi then just opened the door into Mensah, shoving him into the wall, and stormed off.

-There was a huge Knuckles mascot behind the announce desk, and Joseph dapped him up. Dijak entered first. Briggs was next and he received no reaction really. He did have new music that almost sounds like a remix of Breakker’s old music. Joseph then read an ad for the Knuckles series. Femi was next and he got the biggest pop thus far. No formal introductions yet again.

(2) “THE RULER” OBA FEMI (c) vs. DIJAK vs. “MAN OF MAYHEM” JOSH BRIGGS – North American Championship match sponsored by Knuckles

The three men eyed each other, then the two went after Femi. He deposited Briggs, but turned into Dijak. They went for double kicks on Femi, but he caught both feet and flipped both men. He then hit running uppercuts continuously to both against the ropes, but Briggs caught him and then they hit a double big boot to Femi’s mouth that caught him flush. They then hit a series of running shoulder tackles that finally floored Femi and took him outside. On the apron, Dijak suddenly hit a thrust kick to Briggs. He leaped at Femi, but Femi caught Dijak and batted Briggs out of the air as the latter tried to attack him. He then lifted and military press slammed Dijak onto Briggs on the outside. My goodness Femi is just massively impressive.

He threw Dijak into the Spanish announce table area and then tossed one of those office chairs they sit in at Briggs with ease. Dijak fought back and forearmed Femi into the chair, then a thrust kick to keep him seated. Dijak then climbed to the top rope, but Briggs caught him and hit an avalanche chokeslam on Dijak to Femi on the chair on the floor. Mayhem, which suits his new moniker. Back in the ring, Briggs hit a few running boots to Femi in the corner, then leaped from the second rope only to be slapped in the chest. Briggs tried for a chokeslam, but Femi fought off his hand only for Dijak to enter and they hit a double chokeslam. Both men pinned, but Femi kicked out. Dijak and Briggs jawed at each other, but saw Femi and waylaid him. They went for a double running attack, but Femi lifted both with one hand into spinebusters.

Femi and Briggs fought on the apron and Briggs was able to hit a belly-to-back on the apron. He turned to Dijak in the ring and hit a big boot as Dijak flew from the top for a two-count. Briggs then climbed to the top himself, but Femi reappeared and met him from the apron. He climbed and the two traded blows. Dijak thrust kicked Femi to the floor and turned to Briggs, still on the top. Dijak climbed and went for maybe a Spanish Fly, but Briggs fought him off with literally a Clothesline from Hell on the top rope, flipping Dijak on the way down. Dijak put his leg on the rope to break the pin and Barrett called out that as a triple threat, that shouldn’t work.

Femi was back and the three men traded blows with each other. Dijak then hit chops to Femi and slaps to Briggs’ chest. Briggs then hit forearms to Dijak and elbows to Femi. The three just kept trading huge, stiff shots, ending with a discus boot from Dijak to Briggs and barely a kickout. Dija then just slapped the hell of Briggs’ chest on the mat. Briggs rose up and hit big clotheslines, but Dijak wouldn’t fall. Briggs then responded with slaps to the chest in the corner. Dijak then lifted Briggs into his Hard Justice chokeslam or whatever he calls it, then walked him a bit before slamming him. Briggs kicked out at one and then went for his own chokeslam, but Dijak somehow leaped into a destroyer counter instead for a two-count! A man that size shouldn’t be able to do that!

Dijak lifted Briggs to his shoulders and walked to the corner, looking for some kind of avalanche attack with Briggs on his shoulders, maybe a DVD? However, Femi came from behind and lifted Dijak onto his shoulders with Briggs still being carried by Dijak and hit an electric chair slam with Dijak hitting a DVD! Dijak just broke up the pin. Femi lifted Dijak for his powerbomb, but Dijak leaped out and hit a big boot. He hit a running boot, then a discus, but Femi still didn’t go down. Dijak went for Feast Your Eyes and hit! He moved as Briggs went for the moonsault to breakup the pin, then hit a thrust kick to take out Briggs. Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes again, but Briggs dragged the ref (Daryl Sharma, but I think his name in 2K is Adrien Pierce or something) out before he could finish his count. Dijak then leaped over the ref to hit a somersault senton onto Briggs. He then shoved Femi into the steel post on the outside, but Femi dodged as Dijak charged only to immediately be hit by a charging Briggs into the timekeeper’s area. Dijak immediately hit Feast Your Eyes to Briggs on the outside and rolled him inside. Dijak called for it again and hit, but Femi came in and grabbed Dijak by the neck and called him a big stupid man before powerbombing him onto Briggs.

WINNER: Oba Femi at 15:00 (powerbomb) to retain the North American Championship

(Hazelwood’s Take: I’m not the biggest fan of triple threats, but my goodness, watch this match. These three did not hold back on each other and really elevated the level of the match with their intensity. Two fun matches to start the show!)

-They showed The Family preparing and then shifted to Meta-Four. Meta-Four were in nighttime gear and looked to ask Hail a question about Jayne being her actual friend. Hail immediately grabbed Dar’s arm for a Kimura.

-Kiana James and Izzi Dame entered first for this six-person tag match as Taylor announced. Jacy Jayne was next, accompanied by Jazzzzmyyynnnn Nyyyxxxxx (I’m still trying to find the right spelling, I swear). Nyx still had her arm in a sling to sell the Kimura from Hail. Joseph called the foursome “mean girls.” Fallon Henley was first for the faces and if there’s anyone in NXT who needs new music, Henley tops the list. Kelani Jordan was next to a moderate response, but Hail got the pop.

(3) JAYCY JAYNE & KIANA JAMES & IZZI DAME (w/Jazmyn Nyx) vs. THEA HAIL & FALLON HENLEY & KELANI JORDAN (w/Chase U) – Six-person tag team match

The heels attacked as the faces were posing and just took it to them outside, throwing them into the barricade and slamming them to the mat. The ref called for the bell as soon as Henley reached her feet in the ring only for Dame to take it to her. James tagged in and viciously attacked her former Tag Team Champion partner. Jayne tagged in for a double suplex, but Jordan saved Henley and Hail tagged in. Jordan hit a tornillo to the outside and Hail went for her little senton, but Jayne moved. Luckily, Riley Osborne caught her, but Jayne used the distraction to attack her. Jayne isolated Hail in their corner and stomped away. James tagged in beat on Hail, then tagged in Dame. Hail tried fighting out of the corner and succeeded, then hit a unique jawbreaker to Dame and tagged in Jordan. Jayne tagged in and ate a lot of quick offense from Jordan, including a leaping split kick. Jordan hit a handspring into a flatliner where the handspring was unnecessary, but a distraction caused by James allowed Jayne to take over.

Dame tagged in and used power offense on Jordan and then a big biel. Dame then catapulted Jordan into the turnbuckle and tagged in James. James mocked the faces and hit a big running shoulder attack to Jordan. Jayne tagged in and hit a running cannonball, but Jordan kicked out. James tagged back in and kept on the attack with gut attacks and then an abdominal stretch. Jordan fought out and hit a schoolgirl for a two-count, but James prevented a tag with a clothesline. She tagged in Dame as Jordan is taking the long heat segment. Dame went for another catapult, but Jordan caught herself and went for a crossbody, but Dame caught her into a backbreaker. Jordan then dodged an attack to tag in the fresh Henley. Henley got a little two-for-one on Jordan and Dame and then screamed as she hit a combo to Dame and then took out Jayne. She picked the ankle of Dame and hit a House Call that actually missed because Dame’s head wasn’t in the right position. Henley then countered James into a snap suplex. Dame kicked Hail out of the way, but then ate a big slap to the chest from Henley. Henley climbed to the top, but was met by James. James then hit an avalanche Spanish Fly herself, but Henley kicked out. Hers was more snappy and quick than the usual arcing one we see from Frazer/Axiom.

The heels then took turns hitting their finisher on Henley, including the 401K and Jayne’s running knee, but Hali broke up the pin and took it to everyone. She went for her senton, but Dame caught her and tossed her outside. Hudson was there to catch here. Jordan came back and took out Dame, then Dame and James on the outside with a top rope moonsault. With the ref’s back turned, Nyx then hit a big kick to Jordan. In the ring, it was Jayne and Hail. Jayne tried to tag out, but nobody was there as they were taken out. Jayne then turned and she and Hail went at it, trading big blows. The crowd was firmly behind Hail, but Jayne hit a big pump kick. Hail dodged a shot and hit a Thesz Press. She hit an exploder, but Jayne sent her into the turnbuckle. Jayne then went for a spinebuster, but Hail tried into a Kimura. Jayne put her on the apron to break it up. James took a shot at Hail behind the ref’s back. Dame then tagged in and got caught in the Kimura and suddenly tapped. As they celebrated, Henley almost looked miffed and kept giving weird glances to Hail.

WINNER: Thea Hail & Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan (Kimura) at 11:43

(Hazelwood’s Take: Not at the same level as the first two matches, but still a pretty good and fun match that I think could have been better without the sudden ending. Shouldn’t Hail be getting that PLE victory over Jayne, her tormentor, rather than the lackey for a tangential party?)

-They returned with Ava in her office and put over the six women in that match. She said the women are the backbone of NXT and said that soon they will have a Women’s North American Champion with a sweet, sweet white strap.

-They played a really good hype video for Valkyria-Perez and then showed GIULIA SITTING IN THE STANDS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHE’S HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Perez entered to boos and egged them on, looking confident as all hell walking to the ring. Valkyria entered to a pop, wearing black feathered wings. Taylor gave formal ring introductions for this one.

(4) LYRA VALKYRIA (c) vs. “THE PRODIGY” ROXANNE PEREZ – Women’s NXT Championship match sponsored by Fallout on Prime

Valkyria immediately shoved Perez into the corner and then kept lifting and slamming the smaller competitor. Perez targeted the left arm, taped up after Perez’s attack a few weeks ago. Valkyria caught Perez and looked for Night Wing, but Perez slipped out and went after the arm. The two reset and Perez went right back to the arm, showing again why she is “The Prodigy” having adapted so quickly and so well to being a heel in the ring. She sprung off the ropes and hit a big shoulder tackle to the champ, then mock dusted her feet off on her. Valkyria hit a hip toss, but Perez blocked the next one and went to a hammerlock on the injured arm. Valkyria was able to run around and force the break by sending Perez out. She hit her missile dropkick through the ropes and then put Perez back in the ring. A much slower pace to begin here than the other matches as this one will build up.

Valkyria rushed Perez in the corner, but Perez countered with a kick to the arm and then stayed on it with a leaping attack to the arm. She then hit an arm breaker, a running uppercut, and her patented side Russian leg sweep float over into a pin. She then slammed Valkyria’s arm into the mat, then dropped knees onto the arm. Perez used the rope to wrench on the arm as referee Dallas Irvin (D.A. Brewer) counted. Perez methodically attacked Valkyria, looking to wrench and attack the arm in different ways. Valkyria tried to attack, but Perez just snapped her to the mat with her arm and went for a Shayna Baszler stomp to the arm, but Valkyria rolled her up. Perez came back immediately and looked to snap the arm. She trapped the right arm and snapped back the left arm. She hit a hammerlock suplex for a two-count, then jumped onto the arm again by pulling. Valkyria leveraged Perez into a pin, but Perez didn’t let go and kicked her back into the hold. Perez then maintained a hammerlock and forced Valkyria into the turnbuckle, but the second time Valkyira reversed. She hit an O’Conner roll, then a second rope crossbody, then dodged an attack to the arm, and finally hit a back body drop to create some space. Both women hit crossbodies.

They fought to their feet and Valkyria took control with her palm strikes and leg kicks. She hit a flurry of strikes into a northern lights, rolled through, northern lights, rolled through, but the fisherman’s buster was thwarted by her damaged arm. She did block a leg sweep with a jawbreaker and then hit the buster for a two-count. Valkyria went to the top, but was met by Perez. Perez talked smack and slapped Valkyria, who responded in kind. They slapped each other a few more times, Valkyria getting the better. She went for a powerbomb, but Perez held onto the ropes once, twice, but not the third as she hit an Ultimo Dragon style running powerbomb for a two-count. Perez rolled out of the ring and forearmed Valkyria in the face as the latter tried a lope. Perez then hit a lope DDT to Valkyria on the outside! Valkyria tried a spin kick, but Perez dodged and hit Pop Rocks! Valkyria kicked out! Perez, enraged, attacked Valkyria and threw her shoulder-first into the steel post once, then twice, this time through the bottom rope. Perez nearly got DQ, but the ref pulled her off because of the stakes of this match. Tatum Paxley showed up for some reason, but was knocked off by Perez. Valkyria dodged the arm stomp and attacked Perez, but Perez tossed Valkyria into Paxley and then into the post. She slammed the arm against the post as refs came down to escort Paxley. Perez got the crossface, but Valkyria rolled her up and then hit the spin kick after. Perez kicked out! Valkyria climbed for the splash, but Perez dodged and caught her in the crossface. Another rollup that was shifted and they hit a series of pin counters to each other before Valkyria hit a leg-trapped German. Valkyria lifted for Night Wing, but Perez reversed into a poisonrana, Pop Rocks, crossface, new champ! The crowd erupted for Perez by the end of the match.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 16:17 (crossface) to become NEW Women’s NXT Champion

(Hazelwood’s Take: A good story told over months and a fitting end. Heel Roxy as champion is going to be something special after what I felt was a middling run from Valkyria. I’m guessing Valkyria shifts to Paxley next and we’re going to get ROXY VS. GIULIA LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

-A video package played to hype the Men’s NXT Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and D’Angelo that did a great job of framing each wrestler’s character and journey. They showed driving footage of presumably D’Angelo making his way to the Wells Fargo Center. It was D’Angelo and his new music hit. By the way, did you notice Stacks had the old music when he had his match last Tuesday or the week before? The Family joined The Don. Dragunov was next. Remember when they tried to get over “The Czar” as a nickname for him and then stopped suddenly? Taylor gave formal ring introductions.

(5) “MAD DRAGON” ILJA DRAGUNOV (c) vs. “THE DON” TONY D’ANGELO (w/The Family) – Men’s NXT Championship match

Dragunov hit an immediate chop, but cried out in pain at his taped fingers. Dragunov kept attacking with it through the pain, but ineffectually. He and D’Angelo went outside over the top on a vertical suplex that was held on. Back inside the ring, D’Angelo ducked a spinning backfist and lifted Dragunov, dumping both of them outside again. They hit simultaneous running clotheslines to each other. They then started trading blows on their feet, pretty stiffly from Dragunov, then Dragunov hit a German and held on. He was able to hit a second, a snap style as Joseph said he was grabbing his wrist instead of his fingers because of the injured fingers. D’Angelo prevented a third, and Dragunov was unable to spring up for his enziguri as his fingers were unable to brace. D’Angelo stayed on him, and then Dragunov crumpled on a Constantin Special attempt because he couldn’t grab the rope. D’Angelo hit a slam for a two-count.

On the top rope now, Dragunov fought off D’Angelo with headbutts that caused both men to crash to the outside (I really wanted to pull out a Steve Corino right there). Dragunov hit a bunch of chops on the outside, but D’Angelo ducked and Dragunov hit the post. D’Angelo then lifted and slammed Dragunov to the mat, then broke the ref’s count. That allowed Dragunov to recover enough to lift and hit D’Angelo with a running DVD into the barricade, well, he missed the barricade so the floor. Back in the ring, Dragunov hit a German and maintained the hold, hitting a second, gripping with the fingers. D’Angelo tried to break the third again and was successful. He hit a punch, but Dragunov was able to hit his springing enziguri and then hit a stiff running knee to the chest of a kneeling D’Angelo. He then hit a big rope run attack for another two-count.

D’Angelo forced Dragunov into the corner and seated him on the top. He climbed only to eat forearms. Dragunov went for a powerbomb and like earlier, hit a running one, only this one a release rather than a seated variant. Dragunov went for the H-Bomb, but D’Angelo kicked him off. Stacks then handed The Don a pair of brass knuckles, but D’Angelo said he isn’t doing that. This allowed Dragunov to attack him and then he stomped on the hand of Stacks for some payback. Dragunov went to chopping D’Angelo with his left hand in the corner, then a few boot washes. He went for a running one and was lifted by D’Angelo, but Dragunov countered into a DDT for a two-count. This match hasn’t hit ten minutes yet and it feels like it’s been at least 15.

Dragunov got back mount and then just rained down forearm after forearm to the back of the neck. He then rained down elbows right in front of Stacks and talking smack to Stacks, saying to do something. Stacks climbed the apron and D’Angelo told him to stop because it’s his fight, not Stacks’. Dragunov gave D’Angelo kisses on both cheeks, but that just infuriated D’Angelo. He hit a headbutt and then furiously went at the champ with attacks, not letting up. He hit a big belly-t0-belly, then another belly-to-belly throw really. Dragunov responded with a head kick, but after three rope runs, he was hit with a huge lariat. D’Angelo then deadlifted Dragunov into a German for a two-count.

D’Angelo lifted Dragunov to the top rope again with Dragunov fighting off again. However, D’Angelo hit an avalanche overhead belly-to-belly to flung Dragunov across the ring and outside. D’Angelo followed, slowly, and the two glared at each other in front of the announcers. They both went to clear the Spanish announce desk, same idea, and then went at each other to the delight of the crowd. D’Angelo lifted Dragunov for a powerbomb, but Dragunov fought out and hit a H-Bomb on the outside. He yelled “IT’S NOT OVER!” and set D’Angelo on the announce desk. He climbed the barricade as the ref didn’t really count and hit the H-Bomb through the table. He rolled the challenger back in and climbed, hitting the top rope senton, but The Don kicked out! Dragunov climbed again, possibly for the H-Bomb, but instead was caught into a powerbomb by The Don for a two-count. D’Amgelo stomped on the hand twice, then the back of the neck, hit a big boot, and then a huge one-handed spinebuster for a two-count. D’Angelo went for Forget About It, but Dragunov rolled him up in a counter and then hit Torpedo Moskau to the back of the neck. He climbed again and hit the H-Bomb. Dragunov lifted and shook D’Angelo’s hand after the match.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov at 17:05 (super H-Bomb) to retain the Men’s NXT Championship

(Hazelwood’s Take: The match really picked up in the latter half. The first half was just a bit too much screaming in pain from the champ for me. D’Angelo playing face against Stacks’ heel makes me think a mutiny may be coming. I assume Williams, who should win the next match, will once again challenge Dragunov for the title…unless DANTE MF CHEN RETURNS.)

-They returned with Valkyria in the trainer’s room. Paxley approached and Valkyria erupted at her saying this is not the time.

-They played a hype video for Je’Von Evans! He said see you this Tuesday.

-Meta-Four were in the ring, dressed nicely. They said tonight set a new NXT attendance record of 16,545. I don’t know why people get so excited about this stuff really.

-They showed Hayes in the back I think wearing Black Panther inspired gear and then shifted to the final hype video of the night and the final hype video for what Tomasso Ciampa called the biggest match in NXT history. Williams’ name was shown on a green jersey before Hayes’ music hit. He entered to thunderous boos and then posed in the spotlight at the entrance. He made his way with a snarl on his face. Taylor did not give formal ring introductions for the main event. They showed Williams walking from the back in a boxer’s robe and he exploded out of Gorilla to HUGE “Whoop that Trick” chants.

(6) “HIM” CARMELO HAYES vs. TRICK WILLIAMS – Singles match

The bell rung and Hayes just leaned back in the corner, talking smack to Williams. The crowd was loud. They locked up and Hayes quickly took it to Williams, then mocked dusted his feet on him (another spot we’ve seen twice tonight, first with Perez). Hayes showed his technical acumen by moving around Williams easily. He then slapped Williams, but that just fired up Williams, who responded with punches. On the outside, he hit Hayes with a big punch and then lifted and slammed him on the mat, then the barricade. He clotheslined Hayes over the barricade and remember, it’s referee’s discretion. They fought through the crowd, Williams mostly getting the better of his former friend. Hayes turned it around by throwing Williams into some chairs and then leaped to Williams from the rink barrier. Hayes turned and talked smack to Williams’ family, so Williams responded and then sent Hayes back over the barricade to ringside.

Williams went for the apron slam again, but Hayes landed on his feet and entered the ring, taunting Williams to enter. He did and missed his leg lariat, instead eating Hayes’ signature springboard lariat. Hayes went to undo the cushion from one of those corner bars (top) like Perez did earlier as well (bottom), but Williams met him and climbed. He looked for a superplex to the outside, but Hayes slid out and kicked out Williams, who landed gut-first on the exposed steel bar. Hayes then stomped away at his foe on the outside before forcing him into the apron gut-first. The crowd chanted for tables and they should be ejected. Hayes leaped in with a stomp to the gut, then like a predator playing with its prey, he kicked at the gut over and over. Hayes hit a running kick to the gut, but Williams dodged the second. He went for a pop-up punch, but Hayes dodged. he went for the springboard lariat, but ate the punch. Then both men went for leaping pump kicks and hit each other about four feet in the air.

Hayes and Williams traded blows from their knees, Hayes talking some smack and the crowd firmly behind Williams. Williams fired himself up and they squared up. Hayes went for a low blow, but Williams caught him and punched away, then hit two leg lariats and a big flapjack. Williams went for his cyclone kick, but Hayes turned it into his spinning facebuster counter. Hayes went to the top, got caught, countered, then ate a slam and big discus boot for a two-count. Hayes rolled outside, dodged a leg lariat, and hit a head kick. He then hit Williams with a throat chop and hit his springboard lariat to the outside into the area of the destroyed Spanish announce table. He rolled Williams back inside and climbed to the top, hitting a frog splash for a two-count.

Williams sprung out of the corner with a big lariat, but Hayes caught him with his lung blower as a leaping counter for a two-count. Hayes went to choke Williams with his tape, but Williams countered. He went for a corner splash, but Hayes moved and the ref was crushed in the corner. Hayes then hit the chop block and went to get a chair, just like when he turned on Williams all those weeks ago. Williams grabbed the chair and then hit Hayes in the gut. He repeatedly slammed the chair on Hayes’ back. Hayes then tried to beg off and ref came back in to take the chair. Hayes used the distraction to hit a low blow, but Williams kicked out. Barrett said it was only fair for the low blow after the chair shots hahaha.

Hayes talked more smack to Williams, but ate a big slap instead. Williams then dodged a pump knee as Hayes hit the ref instead! Hayes climbed for Nothing but Net and hit. A second ref was already in the ring and counted, but Williams kicked out! Hayes was visibly frustrated and grabbed the chair. The ref said no and grabbed the chair. Hayes dodged the discus knee, but then off a rope run ran right into the Trick Knee! WHOOP THAT TRICK! He celebrated as the crowd erupted for the hometown competitor.

WINNER: Trick Williams at 14:45 (Trick Knee)

(Hazelwood’s Take: The great thing about a flash finisher is that it can be hit at any time to anyone to end a match. The bad thing about a flash finisher is that it can be hit at any time to anyone to end a match. I feel like that match needed *one* more sequence to really hit the levels we all anticipated, possibly Hayes kicking out of one finisher since Williams kicked out of one or two as well and maybe some talking/character work before the final Trick Knee, but the crowd erupted and was sent home happy. Williams has come so far from his first match when were discussing how green he looked yet with all of that oozing potential and now he looks poised to be THE linchpin in the men’s division. As for Hayes, Smackdown comes a calling.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A PLE worthy show for sure and for the most part, deserving of the Stand & Deliver name. The only match that could have been off of the show was the six-person tag and with the finish they had, I do think this could have been on a Tuesday show. Then again, I’ve heard people speculate that Hail-Jayne will be the final match for the new Women’s North American Championship which is why it ended as it did, but I also think Henley may turn on Hail with how she was looking at her after the match. Also, Hail-Jayne just doesn’t scream championship match to me (I think Henley would be a great first champion). Things pretty much went as predicted with the only changed variable being who Hail tapped out. The first two matches are must-watches, especially the second one if you, like me, are a fan of BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT (Big E needs to be on commentary for their next triple threat). Heel Roxy is the best Roxy and a friend and I were chatting about how she’s following the Bayley path and will eventually be a HUGE babyface again. I literally cannot wait to see Heel Roxy as champion because, as you readers know, I’ve considered Valkyria’s reign to be lackluster and this version of Perez is just doing so well. The question now is does Tuesday’s show start with a scathing heel prom from Perez or a triumphant, jubilant promo from Williams? Speaking of Williams, I don’t see anything else you can do except to put him against Dragunov and crown Williams now that Hayes is removed from the picture. Much like Orange Cassidy in AEW, they can work the story of all of Dragunov’s defenses, and the brutality of those matches, catching up to him in a rematch with Williams.

We’re not yet sure when or if we can record a roundtable, but send your questions in to pwtorchnxt@gmail.com anyway. At worst, we will go over the show and emails to begin Tuesday’s PWT Talks NXT. Thanks for reading along, everyone!

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