AEW COLLISION RESULTS (5/11): Copeland defends against O’Reilly, Dax vs. Billington, Top Flight vs. Blackpool Combat Club, Swerve-Mogul Embassy follow-up

By Brian Zilem, PWTorch contributor


MAY 11, 2024

-Cold open Tony Schiavone welcomed everyone to the show.

(1) BLACKPOOL COMBAT CLUB (Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli) vs TOP FLIGHT (Dante Martin & Darius Martin)

Before the match started, the crowd gave all four men a standing ovation. Dante and Danielson started the match off with groundwork on the mat. Danielson nailed Dante with a shoulder tackle, and Dante followed with an armdrag. Dante went for the first pinfall in the match with a back slip and got a near fall on Danielson. The commentary table pointed out that Danielson had Kinesio tape around his neck, selling the after-effects of the Tiger Driver ’97 from the AEW Dynasty.

Darius and Castagnoli were tagged into the match. Castagnoli and Danielson hit a double-team move on Darius. Castagnoli hit an uppercut on Darius and covered him for a near fall.

The fans cheered, “This is Awesome” [c]

After a commercial break, Danielson and Dante exchanged kicks and chops. Both men tagged in their partners, Darius and Castagnoli, and exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring. Darius hit a crossbody for a near fall. Darius took to the sky and hit a frog splash from the top rope but only got a near fall on Castagnoli. A few moments later, Castagnoli recovered, hit the giant swing, and followed up with the Sharpshooter submission. Dante broke up the submission attempt with a flatliner.

Dante and Danielson brawled on the outside. Darius hit a moonsault from the top rope, but Castagnoli kicked out. In the match’s closing moments, Darius and Dante went for a double-team move, but Castagnoli reversed the powerbomb, and Danielson hit the Busaiku Knee onto Darius. Dante tried to exchange chops briefly with Danielson, but Castagnoli ran him over like a speeding truck with a European uppercut and pinned Dante for the three count.

WINNERS: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli at 13:48

(Brian’s Thoughts: It’s been a few shows since AEW has had a crowd like this. The fans were fantastic from start to finish and significantly contributed to this match. Darius and Dante bumped like crazy, as they should, but they did their jobs to make Danielson and Castagnoli look like killers in the ring.)

-After the match, Danielson grabbed the microphone and put over Top Flight. Danielson said it warmed his heart when the fans started cheering for AEW. He’s willing to be in a match that could end his career because he loves AEW and will do anything to protect it.

-A recap video was shown from AEW Dynamite of Swerve Strickland getting jumped by the Mogul Embassy

(2) WILL OSPREAY vs. LEE MORIARTY (w/Shane Taylor)

Roderick Strong joined the commentary team for the match. Both men had a feeling out process until they met in the middle for lock up. Ospreay and Moriarty went back and forth with monkey flips until Moriarty racked Ospreay’s hand. Ospreay recovered with a head scissors takedown and dove to the outside onto Moriarty. [c]

After the break, Moriarty focused on Ospreay’s neck. Ospreay recovered and nailed Moriarty with a springboard-up kick. Ospreay followed up with a springboard forearm but only got a near fall. Ospreay teased as if he was going to hit the Tiger Diver ’91, but he hesitated, and Moriarty connected with a pump handle slam for a near fall. Both men battled on the top rope, leading to Ospreay hitting a spinning Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Shane Taylor tried interfering in the match’s closing moments, but Ospreay fought him off. After exchanging cradle pin attempts, Ospreay nailed Moriarty with a Flying Hidden Blade, teased the Tiger Driver 91 again, but finished the match off the Storm Breaker to secure the pinfall victory over Moriarty.

WINNER: Will Ospreay at 10:26.

-Shane Taylor jumped Ospreay and beat him down after the match.

(Brian’s Thoughts: Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Will Ospreay is fantastic. I think it’s interesting that Ospreay is struggling not to use the Tiger Driver ’91 in the ring and is reintroducing other kill shots into his arsenal. My complaint is that AEW did not advertise this match ahead of time. When the best wrestler in the world is wrestling and is promoted on social media rather than TV, it seems you’re not taking advantage of your best asset as a promoter.)

-The commentary team confirmed Willow Nightingale will defend The TBS Title At Stardom “Flashing Champions” on May 18 against Tam Nakano.

-A highlight package showed Mercedes Mone throwing out the first pitch this weekend at the Boston Red Sox game.

(3) BRIAN CAGE & GATES OF AGONY (Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) vs. EVAN RIVERS & THE VOROS TWINS (Chris & Patrick Voros)

This was a straightforward squash match.

WINNERS: Brian Cage & Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona at 1:04.

-After the match, Tony Schiavone asked Brian Cage why the Mogul Embassy turned on Swerve Strickland. Cage said Swerve and Prince Nana are selfish and that’s not the kind of leaders they want to follow. They found better leaders with the current EVP’s Matthew and Nicholas Jackson. Strickland’s music hit and he jumped the former Mogul Embassy members from behind. The beatdown concluded with Strickland hitting Liona with a steel chair onto the steel steps.

-Swerve Strickland cut a promo backstage. Strickland said he brought the Mogul Embassy into this world and had to take them out. Strickland challenged Brian Cage to a match this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite in his home state of Washington.

(Brian’s Thoughts: It appears AEW is attempting to restore the feeling Swerve Strickland had dating back to late last year. The segment and promo were his best work as an AEW Champion thus far. An easy trope is to have your babyface as a fighting champion, but what got Strickland over in 2023? Being a badass! It’s a good pivot character-wise for Strickland, and I hope this continues.)


Daddy Magic joined the commentary team for the match. Garcia gave a lot to K.M. in this match. K.M. taunted Garcia by doing Garcia’s dance. Garica dumped the larger K.M. on his head with a suplex and followed up with a Dragon Sleeper for the submission win.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia at 2:05.

(Brian’s Thoughts: It’s been nearly a month since Daniel Garcia wrestled on AEW TV. Hopefully, AEW will plan something for Garcia in the upcoming weeks.)

-A recap video was shown from the closing angle on AEW Dynamite to build up the anarchy in the arena multiple-man match at Double or Nothing.


Tommy Billington, the nephew of Thomas Wilton Billington (Dynamite Kid), who died in 2018, made his AEW debut. The match started slowly, with Dax and Billington exchanging headlocks and wristlocks. Billington hit Dax with several shoulder blocks until he finally got Dax off his feet. Dax most likely has a 40-60 pond against Billington. Both men flew over the top rope after Billington hit Dax with a crossbody. [c]

After the break, Billington hit Dax with a dive on the outside. Billington followed up with a shotgun dropkick, a suplex, and a diving elbow for a near fall. Billington climbed to the top rope, but Dax countered Billington with a suplex. The fans cheered, “This is Awesome.” Both men exchanged suplex, and then Dax nailed Billington with a dragon suplex. In the closing moments, Billington attempted classic Owen and Bret Hart closing finishers, but Dax countered the pin attempts and defeated Billington with a Liger bomb for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Dax Harwood in 12:58.

(Brian’s Thoughts: Billington’s performance was good. AEW must be careful about flashing the AEW logo on everyone who wrestles for the company. However, getting Billington into ROH may not be a bad investment to see what else he could do as a talent moving forward.)

-The commentary team confirmed Jeff Comb would tag with Kyle Fletcher against Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson.

-A never-before-seen package promo was shown with the Elite this past Wednesday. Kazuchika Okada challenged Dax to a match. The Young Bucks bullied Christopher Daniels.

-Christopher Daniels cut a promo and said he would team up with Matt Sydal to face the Young Bucks this Wednesday on Dynamite.

-The show cut to the back with Dax and Cash. Dax replaced Tommy Billington, and he accepted Kazuchika Okada’s challenge. Okada and Dax will wrestle this Wednesday on Dynamite.


Rosa looked sharp early with arm drags and dropkicks to Renegade. Rosa went for a dive, but Renegade ducked and nailed Rosa with a pump kick. [c]

After the break, Rosa was tied up in the ropes, and Renegade hit a stomp for a near fall. Rosa railed with a closeline and basement dropkick. Rosa went for a cover but only got a near fall. In the match’s closing moments, Renegade went for a dive on the top rope after hitting a fallaway slam. Rosa avoided Renegade, hitting a double stomp, and locked in a Corba Clutch for the submission victory.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa in 7:50

(Brian’s Thoughts: When someone has a long absence from wrestling due to injury, we forget as viewers that sometimes it takes a while to shake off the cobwebs. Rosa looked sharp, and everything she did in the match had intent.)

-Lexy Nair was backstage with Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie. Johnny challenged Pac to a match on AEW Rampage.

-Hook cut a promo in the street and said he looks forward to showing Chris Jericho what he can be.

-The commentary team ran down matches for upcoming shows


Before the match started, the commentary team mentioned this would be the 100th title defense of the TNT Title. Before the men even touched, they received a standing ovation. The commentary team did a great job going over the health problems O’Reilly has dealt with to get back to AEW. O’Reilly took Copeland to the mat with a headlock takeover and worked him over on the ground. Copeland hit O’Reilly with a gut buster and continued to work over his lower back and stomach. Copeland pushed O’Reilly off the mat and he landed right on his face. [c]

After the break, Copeland and O’Reilly brawled on the top rope. Copeland went for an elbow drop, but O’Reilly revered Copeland into an armbar submission. Copeland reversed the hold into a crossfade. O’Reilly broke the submission attempt by reaching the bottom rope. Copeland landed a gut buster, but O’Reilly then hit Copeland with a lariat. The fans chanted “AEW! AEW!” O’Reilly locked in a knee bar, but Copeland broke the hold by reaching for the bottom rope. O’Reilly worked over Copeland’s right arm and followed up with a flying knee from the top rope. Copeland hit O’Reilly with an Unprettier that broke up O’Reilly’s hold. The fans cheered, “This is Awesome.” Copeland went for a spear but missed, and O’Reilly rolled Copeland up for a close near fall.

Copeland stomped away on O’Reilly’s gut. He went for a DDT from the top rope, but O’Reilly reversed the move and slammed Copeland’s left arm to the mat. Copeland went for another spear, but O’Reilly turned it into a choke. The fans chanted, “AEW!” In the closing moments of the match, after breaking a submission hold, Copeland nailed O’Reilly with his spear; Copeland rolled over O’Reilly and scored a three count.

WINNER: Adam Copeland at 19:30.

(Brian’s Thoughts: What great range from Adam Copeland. The match flew by and didn’t feel like it went nearly 20 minutes. Kyle O’Reilly has the potential to be a future babyface champion at AEW. O’Reilly gives me Bryan Danielson vibes when he’s fighting underneath as an underdog.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: On the debut episode of the new PWTorch VIP podcast series “Collision Cafe,” my cohost Amin Ajani said he wanted Collision to have more angles and promos. Ask, and you shall receive. Reestablishing Swerve Strickland has a badass babyface is the way forward. The Rogers Arena was a great atmosphere from the fans and a fantastic main event to close the show.

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