POLL: How do you feel about WWE’s storylines today?


Compared to a year or two ago, how do you feel about WWE's storylines today?

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1 Comment on POLL: How do you feel about WWE’s storylines today?

  1. Ziggler versus Rusev is mercifully over! That was painful to watch the entire time. Rusev belongs back with Lana and Ziggler should be chasing the U.S. Championship and the Intercontinental Belts. New Day versus The Dudley Boys is fun, but it can end anytime, as far as I am concerned. Reigns should be chasing the gold as well and get the Wyatt feud behind him (both of them should move on to other feuds). And the women…..what can be said that is really “good” about their feuds? They should throw everybody a “curve”, give the Divas Championship to a very deserving Tamina (or Naomi) and let her heel against everybody, INCLUDING her “team mates”. But, they won’t. WWE seems content to torture the fans with these feuds until we all cry “UNCLE” (smile).

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