Bobby Lashley reveals wrestling & MMA future

October 31, 2015

Bobby Lashley says he will continue balancing pro wrestling and MMA as long his body holds up. Right now, he feels pretty good about being able to continue on his current pace. Of course, TNA […]

WWE Stock Track: Slight rebound post-earnings

October 30, 2015

Weekly WWE Stock Track – Friday, October 30: Closing Price of $17.83 per share, up 2.5 percent from Thursday’s big sell-off. The stock dipped as low as $17.22, but climbed above $18 to $18.09 during the […]

Rey Mysterio returning to WWE?

October 30, 2015

Rey Mysterio says he is open to talking to WWE about returning to the company, but he is currently enjoying time away from a full-time wrestling schedule. “Never say never. I didn’t leave on bad […]

Regal announces major neck surgery

October 30, 2015

WWE NXT scout/trainer William Regal revealed details on a major neck procedure earlier this month. Regal said that he underwent a laminectomy to repair the C-3 through C-6 vertebrae running down the back of his neck. […]

10/29 WWE Smackdown Report by Greg Parks

October 29, 2015

It’s a Halloween-themed episode of Smackdown, as Roman Reigns faces IC champion Kevin Owens in singles action. In addition, after an eventful Miz TV last week, Dolph Ziggler looks to silence his antagonist, The Miz. And […]

10/28 Wed. Night Viewers – Huge ROH surge, Impact up

October 29, 2015

Wednesday night on Destination America, ROH drew by far its biggest one-hour audience with a huge surge in viewership. TNA’s replay benefited to draw a larger combined audience than last week. Wednesday Night ROH/TNA Programming – October […]

Rusev injured – how long will he be out?

October 29, 2015

WWE star Rusev will be out of action for up to a month with a biceps injury, WWE announced Thursday on their website. Rusev suffered an apparent injury at Tuesday night’s Smackdown TV taping during […]

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