10/29 WWE Smackdown Report by Greg Parks

by Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist


It’s a Halloween-themed episode of Smackdown, as Roman Reigns faces IC champion Kevin Owens in singles action. In addition, after an eventful Miz TV last week, Dolph Ziggler looks to silence his antagonist, The Miz. And he’ll try to do it in a Trick-or-Treat Street Fight.

WWE Smackdown review
October 29, 2015
Taped 10/27/15 in Phoenix, Ariz.
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– WWE Open.

– Stills shots were shown of the Wyatt Family’s attack on Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, along with the follow-up on Raw, with the footage narrated by Rich Brennan.

– From the smoky backstage area, Bray Wyatt sat, holding what appeared to once be Undertaker’s hat. He said he owns the souls of Kane and Undertaker. He challenged any three souls brave enough to face his monsters tonight. The rest of the family walked into the picture. Erick Rowan said he was never allowed to dress up for Halloween, told it was too sinful. Luke Harper said their attire are not costumes and that evil is very real. Bray offered condolences to those who step up tonight. He held Kane’s mask in his hands, then handed it off to Braun Strowman. “You’re annihilation awaits. Run,” he said.

– Smackdown Open.

– First out in the arena was Roman Reigns, through the crowd. Rich Brennan, Booker T., and Jerry “The King” Lawler were shown at ringside. Photos from Wyatt vs. Reigns from Hell in a Cell were shown. Also shown was Reigns pinning Kevin Owens to win the WWE World Title #1 Contender Match on Raw. Reigns had the mic and said his goal has always been to win the WWE World Championship, and people have always been trying to stop him. He said he dusted himself off, picked himself up (I think he mixed the order up) and got back in the fight. Reigns said the only man in his way now is Seth Rollins. He said no one wants him to fail more than Seth Rollins. On cue, Kevin Owens’s music hit and he walked onto the stage.

Owens claimed Reigns stole the match from him on Raw. Owens mocked cheering Reigns and said Reigns talks of overcoming the odds, when in reality, the win was a fluke. Owens made some excuses and Reigns called him out on them. He said the way he won was with straight skill. He challenged Owens to fight him. A referee materialized out of nowhere and Owens entered the ring. Owens stepped right up and got in the face of Reigns.


Reigns grabbed a side headlock and neither budged when they ran shoulder-to-shoulder into each other. Finally, with some momentum, Reigns took Owens off his feet. Owens seemed to get frustrated early. Kicks and a neck-breaker by Reigns. They went to break at 1:33 of the match.

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Back at 4:26 with Reigns still holding court over Owens. Owens tried to seek respite on the apron, to no avail. He was able to knock Reigns out of the ring, where he ventured to do some more damage. Reigns was sent into the barricade twice, once with a fall-away slam. Back in, a cover got two. Reigns slowed down the match and worked the crowd. Reigns responded, letting his clotheslines do the talking. Big boot for a two-count. Owens took Reigns down in the corner and as he set up for his cannonball, Reigns leapt up and hit a flying clothesline. Owens exited the ring before the Superman punch, but Reigns chased him down. German suplex by Owens once they were back in the ring, but Reigns kicked out of a pin. They fought over a waist-lock but Reigns got Owens up on his shoulders. He perched him atop the top rope. Reigns ended up knocking Owens out with a Superman punch, leading to Owens spilling onto the floor. He made it to his feet at six (which seemed quick compared to others recovering from that move), but took his title and left through the crowd.

WINNER: Reigns, via count-out, at 10:36. I could see this as a post-Wrestlemania WWE World Title match next year. Their personalities would make for a really good feud with a lot to dig into.

A few replays were shown from the match.

– Renee Young, dressed up for Halloween, was with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose confirmed he would accept the challenge of the Wyatt Family tonight. Young asked if he would go into it alone and Ambrose said he is curious as to who will join him. But if it’s just him, he’s okay with that. Ambrose said he might go down tonight, but he’ll take some of the Wyatts down with him. After he left, someone dressed up as a ghost came up behind Young. It was “Boo” Dallas. Despite not scaring Young at that moment, he said he’s not giving up and that someone will get scared tonight. All we have to do is “Boo-lieve.”

– The Dudley Boyz entered the arena next. It’s a four-corners tag match, and it’s next.

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– Forbes Magazine made the top five of Forbes Magazine’s list of most successful sporting events in the world.

– Sheamus and King Barrett came to the ring as the Lucha Dragons and Ascension had already entered. New Day came out before the match could begin. Big E. and Kofi Kingston had unicorn horns on their head. Kofi said the wrestlers in the ring aren’t wearing costumes and therefore don’t believe in magic. They joined the commentary team.


Kalisto got the better of Sheamus, who ended up tagging his partner Barrett while Bubba Ray jawed with New Day at ringside. Bubba demanded the tag, so Kalisto brought him in to face Barrett. New Day completely took over commentary with their “announcer” voices. All the teams got involved early on. The babyfaces stood tall under two minutes into the match. They cut to break at 2:09.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:45 with Bubba getting awfully close to New Day at ringside. D-Von was the legal man, as was Barrett. Barrett and Sheamus continued their solid teamwork, this time, with Kalisto the worse for wear. Next was The Ascension’s moment to shine, using power and double-teaming to keep Kalisto grounded. Brennan finally broke in, much to the chagrin of New Day. Sin Cara received the hot tag and hit a hurricanrana on Viktor. The pin got two, as Barrett and Sheamus broke it up. Whazzup Drop as the Dudleys held Ascension’s legs for the headbutting Lucha Dragons. The brawl continued with the Dudleys and Barrett and Sheamus. They ended up taking the fight to the back. Salida del Sol by Kalisto on Viktor for the victory.

WINNERS: Lucha Dragons, at 10:38. Decent enough tag match. New Day vs. Lucha Dragons won’t light the world on fire, but it could at least produce some good matches. Dudleys vs. Sheamus and Barrett could be an intriguing direction, too.

– Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz in a Trick or Treat Street Fight is still on the docket for this evening.

[Commercial Break]

– The exterior of the Talking Stick Resort (really?) Arena was shown.

– The announcers talked about Halloween and Bray’s challenge.

– Dean Ambrose was walking backstage. He tried to guess who someone was dressed up as, and the camera panned back to show he was talking to Cesaro. Cesaro said that’s just how he dresses. He said he’ll dress as Ambrose’s tag partner tonight against the Wyatts. Cesaro said Ambrose looked like he was dressed as Mad Max. Ambrose wanted Cesaro to swing the Wyatts around so many times, their beards fly off into the cheap seats. Ambrose walked away and Boo Dallas walked up to Cesaro. He didn’t scare the Swiss Superman, who instead just put on his sunglasses, shook his head, and walked away.

– Back to the announcers, who talked about the latest in the Dolph Ziggler-Summer Rae saga. We saw the debut of Tyler Breeze from last week.

– Pumpkins surrounded the apron of the ring and a bobbing-for-apples station was set up. Skeletons hung from the ring posts as well. Ziggler made his entrance, as the match is next.

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Miz kicked over some pumpkins to start. Miz blocked a dropkick and propelled Ziggler over the top rope, but Ziggler held on. Both men grabbed lightsabers (painted kendo sticks) from somewhere. Ziggler used his most successfully. Ziggler sent Miz’s face into the bowl of apples. He then put a jack-o-lantern on Miz’s head. Back in the ring, Ziggler superkicked the pumpkin on Miz’s head. Back outside the ring, Miz pushed Ziggler into the ring post, then tossed him over the announce table. Ziggler began selling his knee, which Miz took advantage of. He even used a chair on the knee. He tried to apply the figure-four, but Ziggler small packaged him for the win.

WINNER: Ziggler, at 4:47. One-part comedy, one-part serious with Miz working the knee. I’m not sure that the jarring change in the match worked.

Replays of the chairshot and the roll-up were shown. Afterward, Breeze and Summer Rae came out. Breeze entered the ring to do more damage by Ziggler caught him by surprise. However, the injured knee was too much to overcome and Breeze went on the offensive. Multiple refs broke it up.

– The announcers set up video of Paige fully turning on the other members of Team PCB Monday night.

– Paige is set for action next. She was shown walking backstage, heading to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

– Paige finished up her ring entrance out of break.


They aired an inset interview with Nattie who basically waved off the attack on her from two weeks ago and said Paige hasn’t treated people well for a long time and that she’ll learn tonight why she shouldn’t stab her friends in the back. Paige kicked Nattie in the chin as soon as the bell rang, then followed it with kicks and a headbutt. Twisting clothesline by Natalya surprised Paige, as did a German suplex. Paige slid outside the ring when Sasha Banks’ music hit and Team BAD came out. Sasha had a mic, as did Naomi. The ladies made fun of the attack on Natalya and said she has their attention now. Paige attacked Natalya from behind and hit the Ram-Paige for the win.

WINNER: Paige, at 2:15. No surprise Paige won this, but it’s weird how they’ve handled the attack on Natalya, which was a big deal, from two weeks ago.

Team BAD attacked Natalya three-on-one after the match, which included Sasha locking in her finishing move.

– Tonight, the Wyatt Family is in six-man tag action against Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and perhaps another wrestler.

– Up next, Viva Del Rio! The return of Alberto Del Rio will be discussed. He makes his Smackdown return next.

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– WWE’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen partnership was spotlighted.

– Dean Ambrose was taping his fists in the training room backstage with Ryback dropped some weights and walked up to Ambrose. He said he has some history with the Wyatts and that revenge is a dish best served cold. Ambrose asked if Ryback really wanted it and Ryback replied with “feed me more.”

– The new United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio, came out with Zeb Colter. They were on the ramp when Colter said that no, Hell has not frozen over. He’s a real American, sharing the stage with a great Mexican. Colter explained that Del Rio is a hard-working individual who is virtuous and proud. Colter called the crowd “sketchy,” which is apparently as edgy as WWE is willing to get with this storyline. Colter talked about their new country, MexAmerica. Colter said the U.S. Title will represent the people of their new nation, MexAmerica.

Del Rio took the mic and spoke Spanish a bit. Del Rio said he and Colter, as the first two citizens, will make MexAmerica great. He re-christened the U.S. Title the “MexAmerica Championship.” I don’t know how binding that announcement is. He’s in action, next.

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Truth was making his entrance out of break. As he walked by, Colter was hilariously leaning to the other side of his ride, as if he wanted to be as far away from Truth as he could even if he was limited by his scooter. Truth went on the offensive early on. Front suplex got him a two-count. Del Rio came back by going after the arm of Truth while Booker seriously suggested Colter run for president on this platform of his. Del Rio knocked Truth off the top rope and stomped on his chest as he hung on with his feet tangled in the corner. That was enough for the win.

WINNER: Del Rio, at 1:25. Why yes, this IS the best WWE could come up with for Del Rio’s WWE return.

Replays of Del Rio’s comeback and the finish aired.

– Boo Dallas was waiting in a laundry cart for his next victim backstage. Mark Henry was talking on a phone when Dallas got him and actually scared him. Henry responded by punching the ghost Dallas, who fell back into the cart and it closed on him.

– Dean Ambrose made his entrance for the main event, which takes place next.

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Ryback started with Harper, who immediately had his shirt torn by Ryback. It may have been marked a wardrobe improvement. Strowman tagged in and dramatically removed his mask. Ryback didn’t seem to be fazed, but a suplex attempt didn’t work. Strowman picked Ryback up and dropped him with a vertical suplex. They cut to break at 1:40 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:15 with Rowan putting a boot to the face of Ryback. Bray Wyatt was shown watching in his rocker from the aisle, just like the old days. Rowan stuck Ryback’s head in between his fists to wear him down. Ryback created an opening with a spinebuster. Ambrose made the tag at 7:23 and went crazy on everyone. He dove off the top rope and onto both Rowan and Harper at ringside. In the ring, Rowan felled Ambrose with a high spin kick. Strowman tagged in, but missed a corner charge and went shoulder-first into the post. Cesaro tagged in and cleaned house. Running uppercuts to Harper, then a dropkick that sent Harper to ringside. Cesaro put Harper on his shoulders and slammed him. Crossface followed. Strowman pulled Cesaro out of the ring, but Ambrose hit a suicide dive on him. That only teetered him, so Ryback tackled him over the announce table. Back to the crossface on Harper. Rowan broke it up. Springboard European uppercut by Cesaro. So smooth. He signaled for the swing. Strowman turned over the announce table as he made it onto the apron. That distracted the ref, allowing Wyatt to interfere. Big clothesline from Harper and a pin on Cesaro.

WINNERS: The Wyatt Family, at 11:52.

The finishing sequence was replayed. The Wyatts posed over the fallen body of Cesaro as the show ended.

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