10/14 Wed. Night Viewership – ROH solid, TNA down

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Wednesday night on Destination America, ROH maintained last week’s viewership surge, while TNA Impact fell hard for the second episode after Bound for Glory.

Wednesday Night ROH/TNA Programming – October 14 (Week 20)

TNA Impact: The first airing at 9:00 p.m. EST drew 242,000 viewers, down sharply from 335,000 viewers last week.

TNA’s late-night replay/West Coast airing after ROH then drew 85,000 viewers, down from 112k last week.

TNA Impact’s total viewership was 327,000 viewers, down more than 100,000 viewers from 447,000 total viewers last week.

ROH TV: The only airing at 11:00 p.m. EST drew 174,000 viewers, essentially even with 175,000 viewers last week.

Demographics: Both shows skewed to an older audience. After two straight weeks landing in the 18-49 advertiser window, Impact drew a median age of 54.2 years-old.

ROH also drew an older audience at 53.0 years-old. However, ROH drew a broader audience at 69 percent m18-49 to 31 percent f18-49. TNA’s split was 71/29.

As a result, TNA drew its fewest a18-49 viewers since August 26.

Viewership Flow

– TNA at 9:00 EST: 242,000 viewers
– ROH at 11:00 EST: 174,000 viewers
– TNA at midnight: 85,000 viewers

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