11/18 Wed. Night TV Viewers – Impact draws smallest audience, ROH also down

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Wednesday night on Destination America, TNA Impact drew its smallest audience since moving to Dest. America at the beginning of 2015. With a weak TNA lead-in, ROH TV did not fare much better. Both shows are set to leave Dest. America by the end of the year.

Wednesday Night ROH/TNA Programming – November 18 (Week 25)

TNA Impact: The first airing at 9:00 p.m. EST drew 202,000 viewers, down 27 percent from 277,000 live viewers last week.

TNA’s late-night replay/West Coast airing after ROH then drew 78,000 viewers, down from 97,000 viewers last week.

TNA Impact’s total viewership was 280,000 viewers, down nearly 100k viewers (25 percent) from 374k last week.

ROH TV: The only airing at 11:00 p.m. EST drew 114,000 viewers, down from 172k last week.

This was the next-to-last episode on Dest. America before their deal expires next week.

Viewership Flow

– TNA at 9:00 EST: 202,000 viewers
– ROH at 11:00 EST: 114,000 viewers
– TNA at midnight: 78,000 viewers

Overall, the 394,000 combined viewers for all three timeslots was the smallest Wed. night audience on Dest. America. The previous low was 409k on September 16 against the GOP debate.


Both shows fell back to their old habits when they did not draw a broad audience over the summer.

– TNA’s median age was 57.4 years-old, the oldest audience since moving to Wednesday nights. As a result, TNA drew the fewest adult 18-49 viewers since moving to Wednesdays.

Also, TNA’s audience split was 85 percent males 18-49 and 15 percent females 18-49.

TNA had drawn a broader audience this fall season, but the split is in-line with their narrower summer average. TNA is set to move to Pop TV, where the demo split is the reverse with female-driven programming.

– For ROH, the median age was 55.7 years-old, the oldest audience since Sept. 16.

Also, ROH’s audience split was 70 percent males 18-49 and 30 percent females 18-49. This looks better than TNA’s split of 85/15.

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