11/19 Smackdown: Parks’s Complete Live Report

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist


The Final Four in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament will be guests on Miz TV. Then, they’ll face off in tag-team action, with Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio teaming up to take on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

WWE Smackdown review
November 19, 2015
Taped 11/17/15 in Knoxville, Tenn.
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– “In Memory: Nick Bockwinkel, 1934-2015.”

– WWE Open.

– Smackdown Open.

– After the camera panned the crowd, Rich Brennan hyped Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose in semi-final WWE Title tournament matches, both slated for Sunday’s Survivor Series.

– Tonight however, they’re in tag-team action as Reigns teams up with Ambrose to face Del Rio and Owens.

– Miz was in the ring for Miz TV. Miz talked up those semi-final matches but before he could introduce them as his guests, the theme of Kevin Owens interrupted and he walked out first. When Owens got to the ring, Miz told him that guests usually wait until he introduces them. Owens said he’s turning this into the Kevin Owens Show. Owens and Miz argued over who would run things, with Owens saying that after Sunday, no one will be able to deny that he’s “The Man.” Miz said his next guest may disagree, but before he could make the intro, Alberto Del Rio came out along with Zeb Colter.

Zeb, from ringside, said Miz isn’t fooling anyone – Miz is a hater. He said he and Del Rio are not going to fall for Miz’s “gotcha” line of questioning. Zeb refused to participate in the Miz TV charade. Miz was slightly offended, but Zeb said the content of his show is crap. Zeb called out Owens next (if that is his real name). He asked the Canadian Owens how he got across the border in the first place. Del Rio entered the ring and said when he becomes champion, there will always be a place for people like Owens because the people of MexAmerica will need someone to clean their swimming pools. Owens said nobody missed Del Rio when he was gone. They looked like they were about to come to blows when Dean Ambrose walked out. Miz was beside himself for missing out on another introduction.

Miz chastised Ambrose because Del Rio and Owens were about to fight, and fighting equals ratings. Ambrose said the two others weren’t respecting the system Miz has in place. Ambrose put down both Del Rio and Owens. After he finished, Miz said someone may disagree with Dean’s assessment that he’ll become champion. Roman Reigns came out of the crowd at that point. Miz was near exasperation, not being able to introduce anyone. What, is he angling for Lilian Garcia’s job now? Reigns told Miz that usually, Miz talks and his guests have to shut him up. So he threatened to do that, but Miz shut himself up. Then R-Truth came out. No, that’s not a joke; he really came to the ring.

Truth asked the University of Tennessee what was up. Truth cut a promo to the hard camera saying that he’s the underdog, as he has been his whole life. He said he’s a survivor and at Survivor Series, he’s going to cut through everybody like a hot knife through butter. He said he’s become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Miz simply said, “you’re not even in the tournament.” Truth seemed surprised, like his signals got crossed. Truth said, “this one is on me. My bad.” He wished the babyfaces good luck, but not the heels. Didn’t he do something like this before as well?

Miz hyped up the matches at Survivor Series, saying the wrestlers are all supposed to face off and make it the most dramatic Survivor Series ever, thanks to him. Reigns told him to chill out. He told Miz to direct them and tell them what to do. Miz gave the direction of “Action!” and Ambrose socked Miz right in the face. The heels ran out of the ring while Miz was laid out and Ambrose’s music played. That segment was all over the place.

– Tonight, the Wyatt Family has a message for the Brothers of Destruction.

[Commercial Break]

– Miz was still in the ring out of break, massaging his injured chin. Miz said this was an outrage. He wanted his match scheduled for now cancelled. He said he can make that happen because he’s the Miz and he’s…being interrupted by Cesaro’s music.


Miz hid in the ropes when Cesaro charged at him, then took his frustration out on Cesaro with punches and kicks. Very loose kicks in the corner from Miz. Cesaro took Miz down quickly and seamlessly hooked in a cross-face. Miz tapped soon after.

WINNER: Cesaro, at :47. Cesaro looked impressive Monday against Reigns in a loss, and was given a quick win here over Miz. I think WWE knows they have something with Cesaro, even if they may not yet know what.

As Cesaro was heading to the back, Stardust’s music interrupted and he came onto the stage along with The Ascension. All three passed Cesaro and headed to the ring after a stare-down between Stardust and Cesaro. Cesaro mocked Stardust after the heels had passed. The heels face Neville and the Dudley Boyz, next.

[Commercial Break]


So does this mean the Neville vs. Stardust feud is still a thing? The match began with Neville looking good against Viktor, then Stardust. It took Konnor opening the ropes when Neville was running them, resulting in Neville falling through and to ringside, for the bad guys to take advantage. Bubba yelled encouragement to Neville. Stardust tossed Neville into the announce table. Tag made to Konnor, who delivered a boot to Neville outside the ring. They abruptly cut to break at 2:33 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:04 with Neville hitting a jaw-breaker on Viktor, followed by a roll-up for two. Booker T. criticized Neville for trying a roll-up rather than making a tag. Neville finally tagged Bubba at 7:15. Back-breaker, then a Rock Bottom on Viktor from Bubba. Konnor was slammed and D-Von delivered the Whazzup Drop. The tables were about to get got, but Stardust hit Bubba with a Disaster Kick. Neville barely connected on Konnor outside the ring when he went flying. 3D on Viktor ended the chaos.

WINNERS: Neville and the Dudleys, at 9:00. I enjoy a good six-man bout. This was that. This also seems to be the spot on the card the Dudleys will settle into, which is fine by me.

– The announcers were shown at ringside for the first time as they sent it to a video package of the Wyatt Family vs. Brothers of Destruction feud, mostly featuring past shots of Taker and Kane to start, then focusing on recent happenings.

– At Survivor Series, The Undertaker and “Demon Kane” face two, yet-to-be-named members of The Wyatt Family.

– Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae made their entrance. Breeze’s Smackdown in-ring debut is next.

[Commercial Break]

– Zack Ryder was already in the ring out of break, but Breeze got a mic before the match began. He took issue with Ryder’s fashion sense. He said Ryder reminds him of another “uggo,” Dolph Ziggler. He said Summer Rae came to him because she was looking for an upgrade. He said his look is exactly what everyone was clamoring for. Breeze said Ziggler can continue to do what he’s done his entire career: “Come up short,” finished Summer. As Breeze readied for his match, Ziggler’s music hit and he walked out.


Ziggler destroyed the VIP area at ringside. Ryder took advantage of the distraction with a roll-up, dropkick, and arm-drag. Breeze tossed Ryder into the corner, and Ryder landed forehead-first on the middle buckle. Breeze stepped aside on a middle-rope dropkick attempt and then hit the Unprettier on Ryder for the win. I wonder if that’s a coincidence he used that aptly-named finisher tonight.

WINNER: Breeze, at 1:18. Breeze vs. Ziggler is a decent enough mid-card feud. Breeze plays his role well.

Ziggler went after Breeze post-match, landing a superkick on him outside the ring after Breeze avoided the initial rush.

– Tonight, we’ll check out what happened with the Divas Title contract signing at Raw.

– Bray’s message for the Brothers of Destruction is next.

[Commercial Break]

– The Druids made their long-awaited Smackdown return. Eight of them, to be exact. After they made their way to the ring, The Wyatts did their usual entrance. Jerry Lawler pointed out that the Druids were wearing sheep masks. Bray said the words trembling from his lips are the words of an honest man. “Undertaker” chants briefly interrupted him. Wyatt said pieces of Taker and Kane still belong with him, despite the fact they walk upright. He said at Survivor Series, they will be given a chance to redeem themselves…but they will fail. He went down the line, wondering aloud which two of the Wyatt Family members would be chosen to face the Brothers. It sounded like Braun Strowman would be one of them, because he cut a promo that seemed to hint strongly in that direction. As Wyatt posed following Strowman’s promo, Undertaker’s music played.

Taker appeared on the Titan-Tron. He said that while Wyatt thinks he holds all the cards, in reality, he holds the Dead Man’s hand. Oh no, he’s going to bring in Aces & Eights! Kane held a burning sheep mask and said, “ashes to ashes, they all fall down.” Taker said they all rest in peace and Kane shot fireworks off from the corner posts. All of the Druids were lying on the ground on their back as if dead. The crowd chanted “rest in peace.” Wyatt laughed, then sat in the ring as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]


No entrance or Brie. Alicia Fox was at ringside with Brie, almost as an afterthought. Headlock take-over by Brie. Brie came off the ropes and Charlotte caught her with what I’ll generously call a dropkick. Charlotte locked Brie’s head between her legs and flipped her over a number of times. Brie stomped gently on the chest of Charlotte. Running knee to the face looked good, however. Brie hit Charlotte with forearms, and Charlotte responded with chops. Splash in the corner, then a neck-breaker from Charlotte. Running boot found the mark, but for only two. Knee-drop missed, but a spear connected. Figure-Eight for the tap-out win. “You can count to a hundred, man,” said Booker, even though a pin was not made.

WINNER: Charlotte, via submission, at 4:21. It’s become increasingly clear that Charlotte is being pushed beyond her talent level when it comes to both in-ring and mic work. The more she’s asked to do, the more exposed she becomes.

– Paige was backstage with Renee Young. Young asked if Paige thinks she pushed Charlotte too far. Paige said the accusation is without merit. She said Charlotte going off on her Monday night showed her immaturity. She said there’s no line she won’t cross when it comes to getting her title back.

– Tonight, Ambrose & Reigns vs. Owens & Del Rio.

[Commercial Break]

– Brennan thanked Imagine Dragons for “Warriors,” the official Survivor Series theme.

– New Day came out. Xavier Woods talked about the conspiracy keeping them out of the WWE World Title tournament. They mocked some of the title tourney entrants, including Ryback and Kalisto. Big E. said he’s going to show Kalisto that size DOES matter. As they chanted “New Day Rocks,” the theme of the Lucha Dragons interrupted and both members of the team came to the ring.

5 – BIG E. vs. KALISTO

Brennan hyped the five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination match this Sunday, but intimated that the participants are not yet set. Kalisto took Big E. down and Sin Cara pulled Woods off the apron. Kofi Kingston took out Cara and Kalisto dove onto Kofi. He fought off Woods again but was run over by a Big E. clothesline. Splash finished him.

WINNER: Big E., at 1:18. I’m not sure what this accomplished. If Kalisto had looked good, even in losing, it could at least hype a potential New Day vs. Lucha Dragons feud. With the loss, and so quickly, Kalisto loses a lot of what he gained in the title tourney win over Ryback.

New Day continued to work over Kalisto post-match until Ryback made the save. Ryback even hit Big E. with his own splash.

– The announcers talked up the WWE Network and the 25 Years of Undertaker. Lawler showed the flash cards presenting the price of WWE PPVs on the Network vs. traditional PPV.

– Still to come, Ambrose & Reigns vs. Owens & Del Rio.

[Commercial Break]

– In a pre-tape, Miz and Paige did an interview with Maria Menounos about “Santa’s Little Helper.” Both Paige and Miz were in-character. Paige walked out on the interview.

– This just in: Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze at Survivor Series. The announcers broke down the semi-final tournament matches as well.

– Roman Reigns approached Dean Ambrose backstage. Ambrose said he was ready for the main event. Reigns said it may be him vs. Ambrose fighting at the end of Survivor Series. Reigns said he’d have to treat Ambrose like everyone else. “I expect nothing less,” said Ambrose. Ambrose said they both have to follow their own paths, but if they ended up meeting, they’ll jump off the bridge together. Or something like that.

– Kevin Owens came out for the main event, which is next.

[Commercial Break]


Ambrose and Owens went at it to start. Some double-teaming from the babyfaces. Both heels were knocked out of the ring. They cut to break at 1:10 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:11 with Del Rio hammering away on Reigns in the corner. Ambrose tagged in after Del Rio missed a corner splash. Bulldog by Ambrose, then a knee to the face of Owens. As he continued his assault on Owens, Del Rio hit a running enziguiri on Ambrose, while Ambrose was standing on the apron. Short-arm clothesline by Owens, who had tagged in legally. Ambrose headbutted Owens, which only seemed to make him angry. A cover by Del Rio was missed by the ref, who was admonishing Reigns for trying to enter the ring. DDT by Del Rio for two. Lawler and Brennan kept dancing around making a prediction for who would come out champion at Survivor Series. Ambrose broke free from the clutches of Del Rio, but ended up getting back-stabbed. A cover for two by Del Rio. Ambrose clotheslined Del Rio and both men were down at 9:00 of the match. Reigns and Owens both tagged in. Jumping clothesline from Reigns. Kick to the chest as well, then his patented running dropkick. Running kick by Reigns. He set up for the Superman punch, but had to fend off Del Rio. Tilt-a-whirl slam but Del Rio broke up the pin. Del Rio was backdropped to the outside. Ambrose kicked Owens out of the ring and Ambrose hit a suicide dive onto him. Ambrose clotheslined Del Rio over the announce table for good measure. Superman punch to Owens outside the ring as Owens was going to piledrive Ambrose. Del Rio tossed Reigns into the steel steps and the ref called for the bell.

WINNERS: Double count-out, at 11:16.

The fight continued after the match. Del Rio signaled for a cross arm-breaker, but Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds. Ambrose avoided a pop-up powerbomb and Reigns speared Owens. They played Roman’s music to close the segment with the babyfaces standing tall at the end. Ambrose and Reigns both went to ringside and stared at the WWE World Title that was positioned at ringside. The announcers made a final push for Survivor Series as the show ended.

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