Bubba Ray Q&A – Where is “Bully Ray?,” WM32 teaser, heated Twitter exchange

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE star Bubba Ray Dudley’s Friday night on Twitter consisted of a Q&A, a teaser of the Dudleys facing the Hardys again, and then a heated exchange with a Twitter follower.

During the Q&A, Bubba joked about the whereabouts of that “Bully Ray” guy from TNA, then tweeted to Matt Hardy that he should bring Jeff Hardy to WrestleMania in Texas. Of course, the Hardys currently work for TNA.

“Might be time for 1 more,” Bubba tweeted to Matt about giving him another 3D. “Get your brother and meet us in Dallas early April.”

Then, the tweets turned ugly going back and forth with one fan in particular.


3 Comments on Bubba Ray Q&A – Where is “Bully Ray?,” WM32 teaser, heated Twitter exchange

  1. 1. It would be nice to see the fans comments and not just Bully’s.

    2. While I’m not a fan of keyboard warriors and people feeling they can say insulting things without response or repercussions, Bully took the bait and made himself look bad in this exchange.

  2. I won’t comment but if you check former pro wrestlers’ podcasts, they’ll often tell you their opinion of Buh Buh. As for hoping the Hardys would come to face them, where else would old time legends like the Dudleys hope to get publicity if not on twitter? Last I saw weren’t they being used as jobbers to get the Wyatts over? Isn’t that an old time legend’s job?

  3. Before Warrior’s passing (I think on one of his old YouTube vids), he had a sage insight regarding people on social media.

    That being: Everyone’s working a gimmick.

    In addition to having to put up with trolls and the PC police, I loath social media. Glad I left it, years back.

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