D-Bryan & WWE working on “compromise?”

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Bryan Danielson update ahead of Forbidden Door
Daniel Bryan (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Daniel Bryan continued his WWE TV media tour in Singapore this weekend, which meant more questions about whether he’s going to wrestle again for WWE.

In the latest interview, Bryan talked about some sort of “compromise” since WWE doctors will not clear him to wrestle.

“Because of my history with concussions, the WWE medical doctor wouldn’t clear me. We’re in the process of trying to figure out some compromise,” Bryan told the Straits Time.

“They keep sending me to do more tests, brain MRIs, brain EGs, and all my tests have come back great to the point where my brain is better than someone my age with no concussion.”

Bryan said earlier in the media tour that he thinks his WWE career might be over, but not his wrestling career. He’s still holding out hope for a match with Brock Lesnar, though.

“I think it’ll be a really interesting match-up in terms of styles. It’s the ultimate David and Goliath match. That’ll be really fun,” Bryan said.

3 Comments on D-Bryan & WWE working on “compromise?”

  1. Now we’re at a point in the year when–if WWE has actually cleared him–that they would hold off on his return until the Royal Rumble. He will come in as surprise entrant number 30 to a thunderous ovation and be quickly eliminated by Roman Reigns who then goes on to headline Mania.

    • Not a chance they do something so stupid 2 years in a row. Doing this last year turned Reigns into the new Cena & ruined his big WM title victory. He still hasn’t recovered.
      Reigns will win the belt from Sheamus at the Rumble, & then either a heel (or potentially Ambrose) will win the Rumble. In that case, doing the “Bryan returns then gets eliminated” thing makes perfect sense as the heat will be on whoever wins, and whoever faces Reigns at WM will be pushed as a heel, even if it’s Ambrose.

  2. As I said before, send him to NXT. He can wrestle some short matches with Baylor, Zayn, Itami, etc. A very light schedule and they can check him out in the process.

    On the NXT side, I’m sure they’d be glad to have him hanging around helping to teach people as well as add a little more star power to their shows even if he doesn’t wrestle on them.

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