TLC PPV Polls – Vote 0-10 & Best Match


What did you think of WWE’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV? Cast your vote in our PPV Polls, including 0-10 Score and Best Match of the TLC PPV…

WWE PPV Poll: Vote on TLC 0-10

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WWE PPV POLL: What was the Best Match of the TLC PPV?

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1 Comment on TLC PPV Polls – Vote 0-10 & Best Match

  1. If Vince wants Roman “over” so bad, he needs to come out on Raw and “fire” him for his actions at TLC. Makes it more believable and will give him a better rub.
    – hopefully some of Romans pipebomb comments resonate with fans thus “millions of wwe universe fans” reach out to have roman reinstated

    – Don’t want to be a “mark” but wwe should book HHH vs Reigns in a non sanctioned (jeans attire) match for Whatever stipulation If that’s what they want ( more plausible option if hunter wants to wrestle)


    – Shane McMahon comes back and sides with Reigns and reveals he has been buying stock secretely, and will reinstate reigns to face HHH in a WWE STOCK vs WWE STOCK match for control of company. (VINCE loves to GAMBLE Big) But since HHH suffered career ending injury from reigns (kayfabe it 100% if Shano Mac returns)
    – Vince Chooses Brock lesnar thus making It a true rematch without titles although the stakes are huge. Roman will be fighting for a “cause” and gets the rub from Vince and Shane
    – if Vince wants roman to Draw money like Austin than he needs to get involved after this awesome TLC ending, HHH is great but WWE fans know the true authority is Vince
    – Fantasy booking w/ Shano Mac, but Holla if you hear me.

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