TLC Twitter TV Rating – lowest of 2015

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TLC 2015
WWE's 2015 TLC PPV logo


Perhaps reflecting disinterest in WWE’s product going into the final PPV of the year, TLC generated the lowest Nielsen Twitter TV Rating of the year for a Sunday night PPV.

TLC drew a unique Twitter audience of 1.450 million, down 21 percent from 1.839 million for Survivor Series three weeks ago.

TLC’s total impressions were 17.059 million, down seven percent from Survivor Series’s total.

Despite the drop-off, TLC ranked #1 among series & specials on Sunday night. However, the NFL Sunday Night Football game topped TLC by nearly four times.

2015 WWE PPVs Social Media Rank

Excludes likely #1 and #2 WrestleMania and Summerslam, which were not reported by Nielsen.

(3) Royal Rumble (Jan.) – 3.275 million uniques
(4) Battleground (July) – 1.980 million uniques
(5) Fast Lane (Feb.) – 1.907 million uniques
(6) HIAC (Oct.) – 1.862 million uniques
(7) S. Series (Nov.) – 1.839 million uniques
(8) MITB (June) – 1.783 million uniques
(9) NOC (Sept.) – 1.597 million uniques
(10) Payback (May) – 1.525 million uniques
(11) E. Rules (Apr.) – 1.486 million uniques
(12) TLC (Dec.) – 1.450 million uniques

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