Report – Jeff Hardy to miss another year, how it affects WM32

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Jeff Hardy avoided major injuries throughout the first 20 years of his wrestling career. Now, an injury suffered outside of the ring, at his home, on a dirt bike path, might affect the remainder of wrestling career.

Hardy’s injury suffered in April is worse than originally thought. According to the Wrestling Observer, Hardy will need another surgery, which would put him out of action for another year.

If Hardy returns to wrestling at the end of 2016, he would be out of action for one-and-a-half years. The injury, plus nearly being 40-years-old, would force him to adjust his in-ring style.

Prior to the injury report, there was thought of the Hardys returning to WWE for another run. Bubba Ray Dudley tried to do business with the Hardys on Twitter over the weekend, telling Matt to come find the Dudleys at WrestleMania 32 in April in Texas.

Both Jeff and Matt’s TNA contracts are due before Mania, reports the Observer. However, it remains to be seen what Matt does now that Jeff is reportedly out of action for the foreseeable future.

As for the Dudleys, it seemed like a big WM32 match – like trying to re-capture the magic of their match with the Hardys and Edge & Christian on the 15-year anniversary of WM17 in Texas – was a big dangling carrot when they returned to WWE. Now, who would they face at Mania?

The Dudleys have said the right things about returning to WWE to enhance the next generation of wrestlers. They were booked to lose repeatedly to WWE tag champions New Day when they returned to WWE and now they’ve been tasked with rebuilding the losers of the Kane & Undertaker feud, the Wyatts.

Although Jeff Hardy is not even in WWE, the possibility of the Hardys returning to WWE created thoughts of a big special attraction match to boost the middle of the show. That appears to be off the table, removing another potential piece of the Mania puzzle, while also making Hardy’s road back to the ring even more challenging.

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