12/14 Raw Live + DVR Viewing – the total picture of post-TLC Raw

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Last Monday’s WWE Raw drew the largest audience since August 31. It appears Raw benefited from a group of delayed viewers watching the live version of Raw on Monday night, pointing to immediate demand for the post-TLC Raw.

DVR figures for the Dec. 14 Raw show an 18 percent decrease in DVR viewers from Dec. 7, pointing to a significant portion of the live viewership being made up of typical delayed viewers.

Raw’s total audience break down

  • First Hour: 4.043 million viewers +411,000 DVR viewers for a total of 4.454 million viewers
  • Second Hour: 3.786 million viewers +379,000 DVR viewers for a total of 4.165 million viewers
  • Third Hour: 3.825 million viewers +440,000 DVR viewers for a total of 4.265 million viewers
  • SHOW AVERAGE: 3.884 million viewers +410,000 DVR viewers for an average of 4.294 million total viewers

The result was the Dec. 14 Raw was up 830,000 live viewers compared to the Dec. 7 Raw. The total audience was up by a smaller amount of 734,000 live+DVR viewers since a good portion of the audience were live viewers instead of delayed viewers.

The total picture is Raw drew in casual/irregular/lapsed viewers the night after TLC, hardcore fans, and typical delayed viewers to help create the largest audience of the Fall TV season.

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