12/23 WWE NXT Results – Zayn’s in-ring return, Takeover fall-out, more


This week’s WWE NXT episode features fall-out from “Takeover: London” taped at the London special, including Sami Zayn’s in-ring return from injury…

WWE NXT Report
December 23, 2015
Taped in 12/16 in London, England
Aired on WWE Network
Report by Justin James, PWTorch TV specialist

[Q1] Video package recapping “NXT Takeover: London.”

This episode is being filmed from the SSE Wembley Stadium in England, which means that we are getting the pre-Takeover dark matches.

The Vaudevillains come out first. Aiden English and Simon Gotch are dressed up like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. They get a good reaction, despite their recent heelish mannerisms. The match is a fatal four-way tag team match. Rich Brennan puts it over as the winner in line for a potential shot at the Tag Team Titles. The London crowd is hyped, with some boos mixed in. Rapid camera zooms bring out Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. Brennan and Corey Graves argue if they are dressed like Christmas trees or Freddy Krueger. Big pop for the final team, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. They have got to be the favorites here. Gable is clean cut, which is a good look for him.


England and Gable start with chain wrestling and Gable shows some unique escapes. Gotch continues the work, but Gable forces him to the ground. Gotch bridges, even with Gable’s weight on him. And, the crowd is super-hot for Jordan and Gable. Blind tag brings in Rawley to boos. Now Ryder to a “We Want Gable!” chant. English breaks up a cover and chaos breaks out. Jordan is the only one left in the ring. Everyone re-enters, and the referee tries to restore order headed into a break.

[ Break ]

Gotch is working Ryder out of the break, but runs into a flapjack. Gable tags in to a big cheer. English and Gotch put on a short clinic until Blake tags in. Gable demonstrates some lucha-like moves for a moment. Arm-breaker through the ropes, but Bliss distracts the ref to let Blake aid Murphy. Gable continues to take offense from English. Anyone facing Chad Gable will be Heel #1 in this stadium, he is that over. Gable gets knees up on a Swanton Bomb from English, then Murphy tags in. Gable dives to Jordan, but Murphy yanks Jordan off the apron before a tag can be made.

[Q2] The former tag champs clear the Hype Bros., then Gable escapes a double suplex. And, Jordan is in for his hot, hot tag offense. Suplexes of every variety clear the ring. Jordan drops the straps, another suplex to Blake, English breaks the tag.

Rawley and Ryder then rule the ring. Ryder with a flip dive to the Vaudevillains. Rawley gets dumped by Murphy, then Jordan suplexes Murphy over the ropes to the outside onto the pile of bodies. Back in the ring, Jordan and Gable hit their team finish on Blake.

WINNERS: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. Lots of small, innovative touches here. Jordan on his suplex rampage was a real blast. It is a shame that Dash & Dawson just became the tag team champions, because it looks like NXT is primed to pull the trigger on Jordan & Gable. If Dash and Dawson beat Jordan and Gable they will be highly elevated, and they are already very well regarded.

Backstage last week, Emma got her jaw checked after facing Asuka while Dana Brooke rambled. Asuka came in and patted Brooke’s head, then mocked Emma’s dance. Brooke was too stunned to do anything. Brooke closed her eyes, then Asuka left. Brooke said that Asuka is lucky she left. Brooke ranted, and Emma was tired of it, continuing to sell pain.

Quick hype for Sami Zayn’s return.

Video showing NXT’s tour of England. Fans were shown in full body paint, like Finn Balor, crying when they meet Bayley. They also showed Sami Zayn at house shows.

Clips from Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe.

Backstage with Tye Dillenger. He would tell us what it takes to be the Perfect 10, but everyone is hyped for Sami Zayn. He vowed to show Zayn why he is a perfect ten.

Elias Samson video package.

Recap of Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin in London. Brennan calls Corbin’s win an upset.

Backstage “last week” Corbin recognized Crews’s effort, but declared himself the #1 contender and the uncrowned champion.

Bull Dempsey is out for his first match in some time. He is facing the repackaged “The Drifter” Elias Samson. Samson comes out all business, carrying a guitar over his shoulder. Dempsey pats his belly and does some jumping jacks. Saxton calls this Samson’s debut, even though he’s been in a number of NXT matches.



Dempsey with early offense, but he whiffs an elbow drop, letting Samson get in a flurry of offense. Dempsey with punches, then shoulder blocks, but he runs into a high knee. Samson looks evil as he sizes up Dempsey. Samson to the top, elbow drop ends it.

WINNER: Elias Samson in 1:36. Didn’t see much of Samson there, but that elbow drop was mighty impressive from a man of his size.

Post-match, Samson strums his guitar in the ring.

Recap of the hot tag match between Amore & Cassady and Dash & Dawson on Takeover.

Backstage “last week” with Dash and Dawson. Wilder puts Amore and Cassady over, but Dawson cuts him off and says it wasn’t their night and says they are the best, and wishes them happy holidays.

More Sami Zayn hype. He’s next.

Video on Bayley vs. Nia Jax from Takeover.

The London crowd gives a big welcome to Tye Dillenger. Then, an “Ole!” chant starts to interupt the “10!”‘s. Sami Zayn’s music hits, and the crowd just goes nuts. Somehow the crowd sings along to his wordless music. Even after it stops.


Dillenger immediately wants holds to work the shoulder, but Zayn gets to the ropes. Another arm hold and Zayn needs to get to the ropes. Zayn with a wristlock of his own. Quick series of reversals, then Zayn on the mat and Dillenger flashes tens at him. Cautious match here, as Zayn is selling ring rust.

Trio of arm drags sends Dillenger out of the ring. Zayn teases a suicide dive, but Dillenger moves out of the way so Zayn jumps on the ropes to bounce back into the ring. Dillenger is slow to re-enter, then drags Zayn to the outside. Zayn with offense on the outside, but Dillenger sends his shoulder into the ringpost.

[ Break ]

Zayn is in the Raw post-break rest hold upon return. Dillenger then continues attacking the arm, but Zayn refuses to submit to an armbar.

[Q4] Lariat breaks Zayn free, but he’s limping and selling pain in the left arm. Suplex sends Dillenger rolling to the apron. Zayn tries to beat some feeling into his arm. Big flip drive drops Dillenger on the ramp. Zayn to the top, but Dillenger charges, so Zayn jumps over the top. Blue Thunderbomb for a nearfall.

Near ref bump after a reset, then Dillinger with a roll-up, but Zayn kicks out. Superkick, but Zayn kicks out again. Dillenger stalks Zayn, but Zayn gets a boot up. Dillenger catches it, but Zayn answers with an exploder suplex into the corner. Helluva Kick ends it.

WINNER: Sami Zayn in 9:52. Good match to bring Sami Zayn back. It reinforced the idea that Zayn’s arm still hurts, as he is shaking off the ring rust. Dillenger looked good for going nearly 10 minutes against the former NXT champion, and Zayn wasn’t hurt for going long against a lower-card wrestler.

Post-match, Zayn gets a mic. He’s waited seven months to say it: “I’m back!” Highly emotional Zayn has nothing to say. Every time in his career, whenever a dream comes true it turns into a nightmare: winning the NXT championship, then facing John Cena in his home city, but tonight was a dream and it is perfect. Zayn puts the crowd over. “10,000 fans” at Wembley draws a “10!” chant. Zayn promises more live NXT tours in 2016. He promises that he will have a great 2016. “We are NXT!” ends it.

Final Reax: Really fun show. Zayn looked good in his return and the crowd reaction was great. The NXT Title picture has tons of options right now. Jordan and Gable are red, red hot, and the best part is, they did it all by themselves in the ring. No one had to push them hard to make that happen.

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