NXT TV RESULTS (7/9): Hazelwood’s live report on Page’s first night as Men’s NXT Champion, D’Angelo defends against King, Ruca vs. Vice, Petrovic vs. Grace, more



JULY 9, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid, Sarah Schreiber



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-The show began with a recap video of Heatwave from two nights ago that saw pretty much everything go as predicted aside from Ethan Page emerging as the new Men’s NXT Champion. Kelani Jordan retained over Sol Ruca, Axiom and Nathan Frazer did the same against Chase U, Oba Femi made it a trifecta against Wes Lee, and Roxanne Perez made it four homers in a row as she retained against Lola Vice. Oh yeah, I BELIEVE IN JOE HENDRY.


Page was introduced by Mike Rome and he walked out with the title over his right shoulder and a coterie of security. Vic Joseph said it took Page 40 days to become champion, shortest time since debut and breaking Kevin Owens’ record. He started by elongating a “AND NEW” announcement before raising his title. He said it only took six weeks to absolutely took over this entire brand. The crowd was chanting “shut the hell up” at him. He said to accomplish something so miraculous in a short amount of time takes adaptability and world class ability, but most importantly, a “giant freaking ego.” He said he knows the entire locker room “hates Ethan Page” and that’s why he has security to prevent any “overzealous degenerates” go after him or the titles, then said something about delinquents. Oro Mensah rushed from the crowd and was dragged to the back behind the elevated concourse. Now that security is cleared, someone else is about to attack, huh? He then thanked Ava for banning Mensah from Heatwave so that he didn’t prevent an opportunity for himself. A “whoop that Trick” chant started as he put over the main event as one of the best in NXT history. He made a promise as “YOUR NXT Champion” to make sure that none of these outsiders come to NXT and “ruin what we have because what we have in NXT is so very special.” Great work here from Page. He then mocked the crowd with a “we are NXT” chant and said “wrong; I am NXT.” He said we’ve entered the “Era of Ego.” Trick Williams’ music hit.

He cut the music immediately and said he wasn’t in the mood for none of this. He said he isn’t going to make excuses, but he will get even with a rematch. He said he wanted that rematch tonight. There’s an “I believe in Joe Hendry” sign visible. Page thanked Williams for that Trick Shot knee because he “fell” into the title. He said he knew this was going to happen, Williams demanding a rematch, but said Williams isn’t the guy anymore, he is, so he rejected the rematch request. Shawn Spears’ music hit.

Spears immediately said that Page owed Spears a huge thank you for pulling Williams out of the ring during the count. Page gave a half-hearted thank you and said he would have won anyway. Spears accepted the thank you and asked Williams who’s the goofy ass now for losing his title without even getting pinned. Spears said he tried to offer his wisdom, but Williams wouldn’t listen and he thinks Williams goes to the back of the line. Je’Von Evans was next and said Page and Spears need to shut the hell up. Evans said he knocked both of their asses out and pinned both of them, getting this close to becoming champion. He said he’s going to shoot his shot again and then a brawl broke out. The faces cleared the ring quickly and referees came out to separate them completely.

-Joseph then showed the ending to the countdown match where Arianna Grace and Karmen Petrovic defeated Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx, then showing Grace breaking up with Petrovic as a partner only for Ava to make a singles match. They cut it off before Grace blamed Ava for breaking up tag teams. She is so good in her role. [c]

-They returned with a Twitter video from Lexis King saying he was going to take the Heritage Cup from “The Don” Tony D’Angelo. D’Angelo had a response video and said he’s insulted that King thinks this will be a walk in the park and said he’s going to smack “that fake ass beard right off of your face, you hear me?”

-Petrovic was making her entrance wearing the purple and red gear from Heatwave I believe. Grace was already in the ring.


They locked up to begin and Grace threw her down, saying that she was the MVP. Petrovic rushed only to get hit down again, this time with an “I’m better than you” from Grace. Petrovic then slapped the hell out of Grace before hitting an arm wringer and some connected kicks for a two-count. Jayne and Nyx suddenly hit the ringside area as Petrovic locked in a chancery to Grace. Grace fought out, but ate a chop. Joseph said Page & Spears vs. Williams & Evans was made official for tonight (obviously). Grace was able to gain the advantage and lock in a seated sub. Petrovic fought to her feet and broke out with a jawbreaker, then a bunch of forearms into the corner. She hit a back kick counter, but Grace went to the top, had her kick caught, but swung it back to take out Petrovic. Back on the mat, Petrovic hit a kick and then sudden cyclone kick to the back of a crouched Petrovic for the win. Suddenly, Fallon Henley attacked Petrovic from behind and hit a big suplex and then just beat Petrovic for a bit. She egged on the boos before she exited the ring and said to the other heels that she’s sick of these rookies.

WINNER: Karmen Petrovic at 2:37 (cyclone kick)


Ava began the meeting saying Brooks Jensen’s actions have been uncalled for. He said he owned up to it and he wished he could take back everything he said and did, but he can’t. Ava said this life and job isn’t easy with a lot of ups and downs and he needs to push through the lows. He said this is all he ever wanted as a second-generation “superstar.” Ava said Shawn Michaels and her were ready to release him, but people vouched for him and gave him a second chance. He said she won’t regret this decision and that he has a great support system around him now. Ava said she can’t stress this enough, but he is a “WWE superstar 24/7.” He said he was going to “make an impact,” so he’s going to wrestle in TNA I guess. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: So all of that buildup, all of that animosity and aggression and hostility, and we just get a simple HR meeting between Ava and Jensen where he’s a schoolboy and gets a second chance? THAT is what we get to signal he’s going to make an appearance in TNA? The potential of this could have had much more…impact.)

-They returned with a Fanatics Fest ad read. Cool.

-Rome and the participants were already in the ring for the Heritage Cup match

(2) “THE DON” TONY D’ANGELO (c) (w/The Family) vs. LEXIS KING – Heritage Cup match

DJ Eddy Thorpe was on the elevated concourse with his digital turntables. Round 1 began with D’Angelo grabbing the left arm and putting King in a wringer. King cartwheeled and kicked out of it, then mocked D’Angelo. D’Angelo took him into a side head lock and then hit a shoulder tackle, but as he went for a drop down, King just slowly walked on his back for more mockery. D’Angelo then hit a few suplex variants before hitting a big arm drag, holding on. King forced him into a corner, but was hit with a back body drop and then another arm drag. King broke out and hit a big right hand, then some big chops in the corner. D’Angelo turned him around and hit one to the chest of his own, then held the ropes to counter a dropkick from King. He looked to put King in a crab, but King kicked out only to be taken down immediately for another attempt and he locked it in with seven seconds left. The DJ played music between the round.

Round 2 began with King hitting a big chop to D’Angelo and then turning toward Thorpe to tell him to shut up, but this allowed D’Angelo to hit Forget About It. [c]

Tony D’Angelo up 1-0

Round 3 had 30 seconds left when they returned and D’Angelo hit a big suplex, but missed a corner splash. King hit his running lariat and then the Coronation. He got the pin with seven seconds left.

Tied 1-1

Round 4 began with King hitting a running kick right as the bell rung. He stayed on D’Angelo with a short-arm clothesline, but as he went for a running one, D’Angelo exploded with a lariat. Both men were showing the effects of the match. D’Angelo gained the advantage and hit two standard belly-to-belly suplexes, but King evaded the spinebuster and almost got a pin. King went to the second rope, but D’Angelo ran up to meet him. King knocked him off and hit a leaping DDT for a near-fall. D’Angelo went for his finisher again, but King countered with an inside cradle and then a thrust kick. He went for Coronation, but D’Angelo reversed into a huge spinebuster.

WINNER: Tony D’Angelo at 10:59 elapsed (one-armed spinebuster) to retain the NXT Heritage Cup Championship

-Joseph said something was going on and a cameraperson ran to the back and showed Jensen beating the hell out of Evans, ramming him into the equipment cages. Josh Briggs ran over and asked what the hell was going on and that he put his neck on the line for him. Jensen said he was making an impact. OK, now him acting like a schoolboy makes a little more sense. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I mean, that match was what you expected from both men. Nothing exciting, nothing bad, just there. I will say, I do think D’Angelo is improving and that these rounds matches may have been just what he needed. However, I still just feel apathetic toward King.)

-Evans is presumably out of the match, Jensen wanted to make an impact, Hendry was shown for two seconds at the end of Heatwave, Williams needs a partner…

-They returned with Chase U in the back, Thea Hail saying she was going to get them back on the winning track. Ridge Holland came up and congratulated them on their effort and said he was working on things to make it up to them. He hyped up Hail and said she was ready for Perez, then told Duke Hudson he got him a championship match, not with Page, but with Femi. Hudson said, “…thanks, Ridge.” Riley Osborne said Femi is going to kill Hudson.

-Gallus made their entrance. They were immediately attacked from behind by Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe. Joe Coffey threw Wolfgang out of the way to take a shot.

(3) GALLUS (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang w/Joe Coffey) vs. TYRIEK IGWE & TYSON DUPONT – Tag team match

The ref called for the bell once two men were in the ring. Mark Coffey was getting beat, hit with a double team, and then Wolfgang being sent back outside. Igwe ate a big elbow, but hit a big standing kick to Coffey, whose jacket was still on. Coffey responded with a big dropkick and tagged in Wolfgang. Igew fought back, but a double team stopped everything. Wolfgang talked smack to Dupont, distracting the ref and allowing Coffey to take out Igwe. Wolfgang hit a bodyslam as Joseph said Evans is out of the main event. Coffey tagged in, but Igwe fought back and made the tag to Dupont. Joseph said we’ll hear from Williams after the match. Dupont hit a nice dropkick and then a corner splash. He hit Coffey with a sidewalk slam and then a running splash. He tagged in Igwe, but Wolfgang distracted the ref, allowing Joe Coffey to interfere and eliminate Dupont. They hit their finisher for the victory.

WINNER: Gallus at 3:15 (double team running kick-flapjack)

-Kelly Kincaid was with Williams in the back and asked about Evans being out. He said Jensen did Evans dirty, but Williams said no one will stop him and he doesn’t care if he has to go it alone against both Page and Spears. He settled down and said that’s not a good idea, so he’s going to find a tag partner.

-They showed Lee making his way. [c]

-Lee’s music hit and a subdued pop greeted him as he was making his way to address the fact that he can no long challenge for the Men’s North American Championship while Femi is champion. Joseph said he doesn’t want to feed into rumors, but the last time he saw this look was when Lee had to step away.


He looked downtrodden even as the fans cheered for him. He said he’s had a rough couple of days after truly believing that he would walk out with the title on Sunday. He said Femi was the better man, period point blank. He said the match wasn’t the only thing he put his everything into. As soon as he woke up from surgery, he knew what his goal was: to beat the unbeatable. He said that is what pushed him through rehab, that he imagined winning and feeling that title being raised above his head to be “King of the Wes Side.” He said that’s not how it happened, unfortunately. He said he’ll be straight and he doesn’t really know where to go from here. He said he’s been beaten before, but this was- he caught himself. He said he has had one hell of a run in NXT, which drew gasps from the crowd, but he has to be honest with everyone and himself. “Please don’t go” rang out. He said he thinks it’s time for him to- he caught himself again. He visibly struggled to say his words and as soon as he said he was going to step away, MSK’s music hit and Zachary Wentz/Nash Carter and Trey Miguel made their entrance, reuniting The Rascalz.


Carter said Lee was about to do something stupid and no one wants to see him do that. Miguel said THEY can’t even believe they’re there. Lee said he missed them so damn much and he’s extremely proud of the men they’ve become. “We know,” they said. Carter said this is about Lee, not them, and said Lee is the greatest Men’s North American Championship ever, and Miguel said Lee and Carter/Wentz are the greatest tag team to set foot in this building. Carter said it’s time for The Rascalz to wreck shop around here. Lee did the gesture and they hugged. Lee’s sweater said “find yourself” on it, by the way.

-They showed Page warming up in the locker room with Spears as Sarah Schreiber asked about the main event. They called Williams a loser and that he has no friends. Page said he and Spears are on the same page and they don’t think Williams will find a partner. Spears said he has to go find a lost young soul real quick. Page said, “Sarah, right? Can you leave and give the Champ some space so he can prepare for his match?” Hahahahaha.

-Chase U made their entrance for Hail’s match.[c]

(4) THEA HAIL (w/Chase U) vs. IZZI DAME – Singles match

Hail avoided the taller woman with some hamstring kicks, but dodged a falling elbow. Dame instead just kicked her out of the ring. Hail dodged a punch on the apron with a split, then hit a sunset flip and an arm drag. She then worked the left to set for the Kimura. Hail went for a wheelbarrow, but Dame instead rammed her into the corner. Dame went to work on her in the corner with body kicks, then sent her across and used the momentum to hit a pendulum backbreaker for a two-count. Suddenly, from the crowd and her favorite perch, Tatum Paxley appeared. Dame immediately went after her, but Paxley dodged a rush and Dame hit the post with her left shoulder. She got up to be hit with a tope from Hail. Hail rolled Dame back in and climbed to the top and hit a cross body. She then hit a running inverted DDT variant and also a running flipping neckbreaker. Hail followed with an arm breaker and then the Kimura. That’s that. Dame is obviously moving to a feud with Paxley next.

WINNER: Thea Hail at 3:33 (Kimura)

-Femi took a mic from the elevated concourse and said Hudson’s new friend (Holland) must really like him since he begged Ava for a match. He said he’ll destroy him next week. Hudson said we’ve all heard it before and it’s a load of crap. Hudson said don’t underestimate his opponent, the man who has the eye of one Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, the man who tore the roof off of in Toronto, the MVP of Chase U. He said he’s going to give Femi the biggest “Andre Chase University-sized ass whooping!” Hail gave Femi a crotch chop.

-The Rascalz were walking in the back and Lee said he was about to quit. Gallus interrupted them and said they bet the internet is loving this. Gallus said they don’t want them here and almost brought up Hendry, but Wolfgang said, “Oh no, don’t say his name,” mockingly. O.T.M. called out The Good Brothers as they were making their way. Bronco Nima was pissed about his broken nose and Jaida Parker said they will show no mercy. They made their entrance. [c]

-They returned with Ava running down Jensen in her office with Briggs next to her, Stevie Turner in the background checking on something. Ava ran down Jensen some more and said next week it is Jensen vs. Evans. Briggs said he would be there, but Jensen said he’ll go alone. Briggs said he wants Spears; Ava said he can’t interfere tonight. Briggs left. Turner said make Briggs the tag partner. Robert Stone laughed and said he couldn’t believe she didn’t say his name. If THAT isn’t a spoiler yet on who it will be, I don’t know what to tell ya.

-The Good Brothers made their entrance.

(5) O.T.M. (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima w/Jaida Parker) vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) – Tag team match

Nima and Luke Gallows began the match with the slightly bigger Gallows gaining the early advantage. He hit a nice vertical suplex, but Nima dodge the corner charge, hit a gut kick, and gave Gallows a delayed vertical for a good 15 seconds. You could see his legs wobble at times, but he held it! He talked some smack to Karl Anderson, but this allowed Gallows to recover and gain the advantage. They cut off the ring as Anderson tagged in, working him in the corner. However, Nima lifted Anderson and rushed him into their corner, tagging in Lucien Price. Price hit a big shoulder tackle, but ate a kick from the corner. Anderson then hit a big chop and uppercut, but Price ducked a lariat and hit a one-armed variant of Lars Sullivan’s old Freak Accident, only a standing version. He then hit a big three-point stance running lariat into the corner. He then tagged in Nima, who stomped on Anderson’s hand. Price tagged in once more as the young team showed veteran savvy by working Anderson in their corner. However, Anderson showed his experience with a jawbreaker and then tagged in Gallows. A few running lariats took out Price, then a kick to Nima on the apron did the same. Gallows hit a running uppercut to Price and a corner splash, tagging in Anderson. They hit basically a reverse 3-D, but Nima broke up the pin. Nima and Gallows fought as Michin then made her way from the crowd. A gaggle of refs tried to keep them separated. Gallows kept trying to rip the mask of Nima, but just punched him instead. Nima kneed the back of Anderson behind the ref’s back. Price took out Gallows and they hit their double team finisher, a gourbuster-spinebuster combo thing.

WINNER: O.T.M. at 4:53 (double team)

-They showed Henley in a selfie video running down Ruca for losing. They zoomed out and showed Ruca watching on a screen. Kincaid appeared and asked Ruca about her doubters. Ruca said with Jordan, there will be a different outcome in their rematch. She said she has no issues with Henley, but Henley clearly does with her. She’s learned that in NXT, you either show your work or bitch. She wants to show her work, and she thinks Henley has showed which one she is. Ouch. Ruca made her entrance. Reset the Bitch-o-Meter! [c]

-Charlie Dempsey was putting someone in a trunk with Myles Borne and Tavion Heights, presumably Damon Kemp, who is gone from WWE. Dempsey repeated that mistakes won’t be tolerated and asked Borne about it, then again, because he doesn’t know Borne is deaf. Wren Sinclair said she didn’t see anything and ran away (just ignore the camera).

-Henley made her entrance. No one in NXT is in need of newer music than her.

(6) SOL RUCA vs. FALLON HENLEY – Singles match

They locked up and Henley took the left arm immediately. Ruca flipped out and got a front face lock, but Henley spun out and tried to wring Ruca, but Ruca flipped to her feet. Henley responded by cartwheeling out of an arm wringer, but ate a dropkick from Ruca. Henley then hit a body punch, but her hip toss was countered and Ruca hit a x-factor for a two-count. After a rope run sequence, Henley hit a PK to the gut of a handstanding Ruca. She then rammed her shoulder-first into the corner once, then twice, then hit some kind of arm drag slam. She went for another ram in the corner, but Ruca countered. Henley went back to the work on the arm and then hit a House Call for a two-count. Henley put Ruca into a sub for a bit, but Ruca broke out with a flip into a victory roll for a two-count. Ruca hit a bottom rope springboard, then the middle rope, then to the apron. She hit a head kick, but Henley hit the ropes as Ruca went for the springboard. Henley charged and hit a running mat slam for a two-count. Henley went for a German, but Ruca slid out, then hit a stunner with the splits, then a dropkick. Ruca went for a ripcord, but Henley hit her. Ruca lifted Henley to her shoulders, but Ruca slid out and hit a bottom rope Sol Snatcher. Jayne and Nyx attacked Ruca to cause the DQ, then double teamed her. Nyx hit her overhead/Pele kick, whatever you want to call it (I use the Pele kick for A.J. Styles’ backflip kick). The three heels posed.

WINNER: Sol Ruca by DQ (5:02)

-NXT_Anonymous video of Paxley talking to a doll she called Izzi. She rambled about “girls like Izzi” not wanting to play with her or wanting her to play with her dolls. She threw the doll down. Nightmare Wendy Choo picked it up after Paxley walked away. Are they ever going to give a payoff to NXT_Anonymous.

-They showed Jensen behind the misted glass speaking to someone off camera. [c]

-They returned with Ava, Turner, and Cedric Alexander walking out of her office. Alexander thanked her for the opportunity and that he wants to contribute. She said she’ll see him next week. Stone came up and asked what’s going on. Alexander said he’s officially in NXT. Stone then introduced Ashante “Thee’ Adonis and asked if they could make some money. They went into the office and Stone turned to Turner, “Two can play this game,” and shut the door on him.

-Joseph went over next week’s card including Femi defending against Hudson and Gallus vs. The Rascalz.

-Page made his entrance. Spears was already in the ring. Williams made his entrance. He made his way to the ring. Booker T said it doesn’t look good. Suddenly, Hendry’s music hit and the whole crowd had a sing along. I like that the TNA wrestlers get their TNA lower third.


Williams and Page began the match and Williams wasted no time, even throwing in Spears to get those hands. That allowed Page to attack and he went for Ego’s Edge, but Williams countered and sent Page into the corner, tagging in Hendry to a big pop. “We be-lieve” rang out as Hendry just tossed Spears too. Hendry was touted as the longest-reigning TNA Digital Media Champion, hitting a delayed vertical and then sending Page outside. Williams tagged in and hit a top rope crossbody outside to both foes. Back in the ring, Williams went for a fist bump, but Hendry clasped it like the dude in Get Out. [c]


Hendry was taking it to Page as they returned. However, Page hit a big kick and DDT, allowing him to tag in Spears, who immediately mounted Hendry and rained down punches. He then mockingly taunted Williams before turning back to Hendry. He hit a big chop into their corner and tagged in Page. They double teamed him in the corner, and then Page hit a loud, loud chop. Hendry responded with his own, but Page hit a gut kick and elbow to the back of the neck. He put Hendry in a front face lock, then leaped into a standing guillotine. Hendry turned it into a vertical suplex. Williams tagged in and delivered leg lariats to both foes as Spears came in, but he got caught into an uranage by Page. Williams rolled outside by the announce desk and Page tagged Spears before he hit a flying shoulder tackle from the apron. Spears hit a neckbreaker in the ring for a two-count. Spears tagged in Page and they went for and hit a double suplex. Page once again applied the front face lock to cut off the path to Hendry. Spears tagged in and worked the body of Williams with the help of Page, Joseph calling it “textbook tag team offense.” Williams fought of the corner, then countered a C4 with a leaping neckbreaker. The crowd cheered him on, but Hendry distracted the ref. This allowed Mensah to attack Page, who took off through the crowd with Mensah in chase. Williams made the tag and Hendry came in like a rabid wolverine after an energy drink. He hit a DDT and big fall away slam. He kipped up and posed to the crowd, then the hard cam. He threw Spears over the top, who turned into a Trick Shot knee. Hendry then hit his finisher.

WINNER: Trick Williams & Joe Hendry at 10:11 (modified front powerslam)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A decent show though several of the matches were fairly short. The running gag all show long – really from the end of Heatwave – about Hendry appearing was just “hit you on top of the head” enough and didn’t cross the “this is too much” line to me, particularly since most NXT viewers probably don’t watch TNA. One thing NXT has done well since Shawn Michaels took over – and is also reflected with Triple H on Raw and Smackdown – is that there are always multiple stories/paths for featured talent. Just look at Jensen having something set up with Evans and Briggs from one segment. My biggest concern coming out of tonight is did Williams get overshadowed by Hendry? While Joseph hinted that Hendry may challenge Page after tonight, I don’t think anyone would pick Hendry to actually win the championship (though he might win the match), but what does that mean for Williams in the mean time if they do go the route of Page-Hendry, which is a nice nod to TNA and Page’s newfound mission statement to protect NXT from outsiders (mockingly).

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