WWE Video – Kevin Owens in the weekly Cole interview

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE Smackdown analysis
Kevin Owens (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Former Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens took over Michael Cole’s weekly, storyline-driven interview on WWE’s website to kick off the new year.

Owens, whose character includes riffing on WWE tropes, heeled on the Royal Rumble marketing of Roman Reigns defending the WWE Title against 29 other competitors and mocked Reigns’s sob story on Raw of wrestling for his family.

It would seem that Owens’s eyes are set on the WWE champion, but Owens got upset when Cole did not lead with a question about Owens main-eventing the first Smackdown on USA Network when he challenges Dean Ambrose for the IC Title.

Owens vowed to win back the IC Title from Ambrose, saying that Ambrose “made a huge mistake” by putting him through a table on Raw.

Owens continued to get over his hot-headed character by storming off the set when Cole tried to be sincere wishing him good luck on Smackdown.

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