1/8 WWE Stock Track – Bad Opening Week Affects WWE

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Stock Track 2016
Week 1 – January 4-8

Friday, January 8: Closing Price of $16.30 per share, essentially even with Thursday at $16.32.

The stock dipped as low as $16.00 per share, the lowest point since December 14.

It was not a good economic start to the year for the overall market. This affected WWE, which precipitously declined each day of the week after starting the year at $17.44.

Thursday, January 7: Closing Price of $16.32 per share, down another two percent from Wednesday. The stock dipped as low as $16.31.

Wednesday, January 6: Closing Price of $16.67 per share, down three percent from Tuesday.

The stock dipped as low as $16.60 per share as the market continued to suffer to begin 2016.

Tuesday, January 5: Closing Price of $17.23 per share, down two percent from Monday.

Monday, January 4: WWE held up reasonably well on Monday considering poor stock market conditions from Asia to the U.S.

WWE stock closed at $17.61 per share, down one percent from last Friday’s close of $17.84 per share.

The stock climbed as high as $18.29 before falling as low as $17.31 per share.

2016 business started poorly after China actually shut down their market on Monday because of concerns over economic reports.

That spilled over to the U.S. market, sending the Dow and NASDAQ markets down two percent. According to the Wall Street Journal, it was the worst First Day of Trading to start a new year since 2008.


  • 2016 Initial Market Value: $1.34 billion
  • 2016 Open: $17.44 per share
  • Current 52-Week Range: $9.82 – 23.63
  • 2016 High Point: $18.29 (1/4)
  • 2016 Low Point: $16.00 (1/8)
  • Current Market Value: $1.24 billion

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