1/18 Raw Ratings & DVR’ing – no DVR recovery pre-Rumble

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The live portion of Monday’s Raw rebounded from last week’s show against the college football National Title game, but there was a concerning third hour drop-off during the show. Also, there was not much DVR recovery – the total audience was nearly the same as last week against the football game.

WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

January 18: Raw scored a 2.45 rating, up from a 2.36 rating last week against the football game. This was slightly down from a 2.49 rating to kick off 2016.

– Live Raw: Raw averaged 3.496 million viewers, up five percent from last week. This was mainly due to the first hour, which drew a relatively solid audience. But, the third hour fell sharply.

– DVR addition: Raw averaged 376,000 DVR viewers over the course of three hours. This compares to 481,000 last week when WWE got a DVR boost after people watched the football game.

– Total Audience: Raw averaged 3.872 million viewers, up slightly from a total audience of 3.804 million viewers last week.

– In the hourlies, the third hour really suffered this week. Even males 18-49, which typically draws its most viewers in the third hour, dropped off significantly.

First Hour Break Down

  • 3.775 million live viewers, the most first hour viewers since the night after TLC in December
  • 375,000 DVR viewers added
  • 4.150 million total viewers
  • Key Stat: Every demographic – both live and DVR – scored its highest rating in this hour

Second Hour Break Down

  • 3.591 million live viewers (decline)
  • 362,000 DVR viewers added (slight decline)
  • 3.953 million total viewers
  • Key Stat: Every demographic – both live and DVR – was in the middle of the ratings

Third Hour Break Down

  • 3.123 million live viewers (sharp decline)
  • 390,000 DVR viewers added to offset some of the sharp decline
  • 3.513 million total viewers (down 11 percent from the second hour)
  • Kay Stat: Every demographic – both live and DVR – scored its lowest rating in this hour

Caldwell’s Analysis: It appears a good chunk of viewers were unwilling to sit through a very long, drawn-out three-hour Raw to see Brock Lesnar in the final segment of the show in the Highlight Reel.

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