Charlotte Update – Divas champ back in the ring Saturday

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Mar. 5 Update: Charlotte was back in the ring at Saturday night’s WWE house show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Charlotte defended the Divas Title against Becky Lynch and got the win without incident. [ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent Luke Hames ]

March 4 Report

WWE Divas champion Charlotte appeared to suffer a facial injury at Friday night’s WWE house show in Minneapolis.

Charlotte was facing Becky Lynch when she appeared to take a knee to the head a few minutes into the match.

A considerable amount of blood poured to the mat from Charlotte’s face. The referee signaled for the ringside doctor, then Charlotte was helped out of the arena to the back.

The match was declared a No Contest. Charlotte was not accompanied to ringside by her father Ric Flair.

[ In-person reporting by PWTorch editor Wade Keller and PWTorch contributor Joel Dehnel ]

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  1. I read another site that said she is ok. The same exact thing happened to John Cena from Seth Rollins. It seems to me that WWE needs to stop using that knee to the face move as it is very dangerous. There are plenty of other moves without risking a broken nose. I don’t want to see anyone get a broken knows or face injury like that so its time for them to put a stop to knees to the face.

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