WWE Video – Dean Ambrose in weekly interview – Ambrose says WWE is his company, vows to win WWE Title

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Dean Ambrose (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Dean Ambrose returned to WWE’s weekly interview with Michael Cole on Wednesday to discuss his WWE Title match against Triple H at the “Roadblock” special on Saturday.

Ambrose presented a scenario where he wins the WWE Title, Hunter tries to play it off like a fluke, and Hunter dismisses Ambrose as just trying to mess up the order of things with Ambrose not accepting his place.

Ambrose cut a storyline-driven promo on Hunter’s character, saying Hunter lives in a false world as “king” trying to cover for insecurities and showing weakness because he won’t be real like he is. “Saturday at Roadblock, you will show me that respect,” Ambrose told Hunter looking into the camera.

Ambrose added that Hunter is “fooling himself” thinking the company is his. Ambrose said it’s his company because he’s on the road at all the live events, Raw, Smackdown, and Network specials like Roadblock. “I do it all,” Ambrose said. “Vince McMahon might own this company. But, this is my company now.”

Asked at the end what WWE would look like with Dean as WWE champion, Ambrose offered a one-line quip: “Best for business.”

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