Carry on – Raw will be available on Dish Network

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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There will not be a service interruption for Dish Network subscribers as part of a carriage dispute with NBC Universal.

NBCU started a marketing campaign last week warning Dish customers about potentially losing WWE Raw and other NBCU programming, including having Michael Cole read a message during Monday’s Raw.

However, after a week of back-and-forth, including Dish filing suit to prevent NBCU from making disparaging remarks, Dish decided to keep NBCU channels on the air.

On Friday, Dish notified the FCC that it will seek arbitration to resolve a programming contract dispute with NBCU.

While the legal process unfolds, Dish will keep NBCU channels active during a “cooling off” process.

“Dish is committed to reaching a new distribution agreement with NBCUniversal and to not disrupt customers in the process,” Dish said in a statement. “This 10-day cooling off period is an opportunity for continued negotiations while guaranteeing that NBCU cannot black out its networks to Dish customers.”

Before Dish made the decision on Friday, WWE mobilized its wrestlers and executives to spread a marketing message to “stop the drop.” Included was WWE CEO Vince McMahon tweeting about the situation, along with wrestlers presenting their own form of the same message on Twitter.

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