Matt Taven Injury Update – potential return timeframe, knee damage, Bennett in TNA, more


Injured ROH star Matt Taven says he is “realistically a couple months away from wrestling” again after suffering multiple knee injuries at the “Final Battle” PPV in December.

“I had just got back from the gym when I got my MRI results, and the doctor told me that I should sit down–then proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t wrestle for another year-and-a-half. I’ve gone to three doctors, and I found the best surgeon in Boston and it looks more like nine months. My injury is a little bit different, but I’m hoping to be back this fall,” Taven told Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso in a new interview.

Taven said he damaged his knee even further by continuing to wrestle in the ROH Tag Title match against War Machine at Final Battle after the initial injury.

“Continuing that match to the point where I ruptured my meniscus is the reason for the second surgery, and it’s going to cost me a couple more months of my career. I couldn’t walk for the first six weeks after the surgery because the meniscus was sutured back together and I needed to give it time to heal. It was pretty brutal, and I’ll never take walking for granted again,” Taven said.

As for his future in pro wrestling, Taven said he’s paying attention to what former Kingdom tag partner Mike Bennett is doing in TNA. Taven hinted that he’s not sure where he will end up after being cleared to wrestle again later this year.

“People don’t know this, but when Mike started at 15, his first independent name was the ‘Miracle’ Mike Bennett. The only thing Mike’s ever needed was an opportunity, and he and Maria are making the most of it. I text him all the time when the show airs, and he’s loving it, so I couldn’t be happier for him. We had thought about bringing The Kingdom to TNA, so who knows about the future,” Taven said.

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