WWE releases prelim PPV buys for Fast Lane, plus Royal Rumble

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE slipped out their latest monthly business figures Wednesday (March 30) on their corporate website.

Included were preliminary PPV buys for the Fast Lane PPV, to go along with last month’s Royal Rumble PPV figures.

Q12016PPVsRoyal Rumble PPV buys (prelim)

  • 91,000 total buys
    • 59,000 international
    • 32,000 domestic

Fast Lane PPV buys (prelim)

  • 43,000 total buys
    • 25,000 international
    • 18,000 domestic


First Quarter 2016 PPV buys – Royal Rumble Update

Rumble Prelim Buys


First Quarter 2016 PPV buys – Fast Lane Update

Fast Lane Prelim Buys

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