Live WrestleMania 32 Report – VIP member’s very unique perspective from a floor seat off-stage


WrestleMania 32 Live Report
April 3, 2016
Arlington/Dallas, Tex. at AT&T Stadium
Report by VIP member Ramses in Miami

I traveled from Miami to Dallas last weekend for WrestleMania and wanted to give some insight on the WM32 experience.

The lines were horrible trying to get in. I waited over three-and-a-half hours to get into the stadium and right when we were getting our tickets scanned, security referred us to the box office because something was wrong with our tickets.

After we walked to the box office, which was basically on the other side of the stadium, we had to wait another line. When we got to the window we were informed that our seats, which were originally in the 400 section, were blocked off because of the lighting that was near our seats. We were upgraded to floor seats that were located immediately to the left of the stage entrance. I can say with confidence that the area I was in was not completely full.

Now, the seats that WWE and AT&T stadium placed us in were great, as we were at arms reach from Paige, Mick Foley, Shinsuke Nakamura, X-Pac, Nia Jax, Albert, and a few movie stars such as O’Shea Jackson and Mike Epps. They were all to the left of the stage watching the show from backstage.

The show was great live, but at the end everyone booed the heck out of Roman Reigns, and right when his music stopped, it continued.

I just wanted to give you my perspective of the show from a very unique position in the stadium, as the photos below indicate…

WMSeat3Ramses WMSeat1Ramses WMSeat2Ramses

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