WWE Video – Zack Ryder vows to become WWE Champion, reveals cancer in high school, talks WM32 victory

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Zack Ryder (art credit Travis Beaven)


Zack Ryder made his first appearance in Michael Cole’s weekly sit-down interview series for a passionate interview about his journey to a WrestleMania victory.

Ryder, who lost the Intercontinental Title the night after WM32, closed the interview with a vow to become WWE World Hvt. champion. “Whether we’re doing this interview next week, next year, or in five years, I’m going to be the WWE champion. Just never say never,” Ryder closed.

“I’m dangerous. I have nothing to lose. Any shot you give me, I’m ready to knock it out of the park. Zack Ryder is always ready,” he said building up to his vow. “It’s my time now. This whole week and experience has been motivation that I can do it. I may have let WWE forget about me before, but not now. This is my time. I was destined to do this.”

Ryder went into his past to talk about why he feels destined to be a top star in WWE. He revealed that he had cancer in high school – a tumor that started in his foot and moved to his lungs – but he made it through because of his dream to become a WWE star.

Overall, Ryder said he doesn’t know how long his current WWE run will last, but he feels confident that he won’t become irrelevant again like was the past few years.

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