Pop bumps TNA’s Sat. morning replay – TV Viewership break down over four week run

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


In mid-April, Pop TV shifted TNA’s weekly Impact replay to Saturdays looking to see if there was an audience for pro wrestling on Saturday mornings.

After four weeks, it appears the experiment has concluded, as no Impact replay is scheduled for this week.

The first replay airing on April 16 drew 80,000 viewers, which was close to the Tuesday night replay average of 88,571 viewers.

However, the audience was nearly cut in half for the second Saturday morning airing, which drew only 48,000 viewers.

Impact increased slightly to 52,000 viewers on April 30 and 53,000 viewers on May 7. However, not enough to draw near the 80,000 mark again.

Impact Sat. Morning Progression

  • Apr. 16: 80,000 viewers / 33,000 adults 18-49
  • Apr. 23: 48,000 viewers / 15,000 adults 18-49
  • Apr. 30: 52,000 viewers / 10,000 adults 18-49
  • May 7: 53,000 viewers / 10,000 adults 18-49

– DEMOGRAPHICS: The median age of the four airings was in the 50s, falling outside of the desired 18-49 window, as captured by the decline of a18-49 viewers from Week 1 to 2-4.

Also, the replays started with 22,000 males 18-49 viewers on April 16. Then, the audience was cut in half to an average of 10,000 m18-49 viewers for the next three airings.

The number of female 18-49 viewers was minuscule, going from 11,000 on Week 1 to half of that for the next three weeks.

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