“There are so many people that don’t watch our product at all and have preconceived notions about who our performers are and what they do, and my goal next month or five years from now is to change that perception.

“There are some very talented individuals that perform for our brand. I think our brand of entertainment is up there with anything as far as live experience. I want people to know that. It’s not uncool to do what we do.”

Cena also credited the decade-long battle with hardcore fans that has made him a better all-around “entertainer,” especially outside of WWE. He went so far as to say he owes his career to the passionate opposition that has filled WWE arenas since 2005.

“Excitement is excitement, whether it’s excitement in appreciation or excitement in hostility. It’s all noise and it’s all excitement and it’s all anticipation and it’s all things that we strive off. It completely makes me handle situations differently and I owe my career to it,” Cena said.

“It’s what allows me to think on my feet. It’s what keeps me sharp and keeps me listening to those that paid their hard-earned money to watch me.

“Some performers can’t adapt to an ever-changing audience and an ever-changing crowd, but I thank our fans, our WWE Universe, every day. They’ve given me such a crash course for having a fine-tuned sense of what’s going on and how to respond to it so I can do the best I can to give people who actually paid to see me the best show possible.”