WWE holds latest try-out camp, prospective wrestler reveals where he was recruited from

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE held their latest try-out camp this week at the Performance Center in Florida.

Included were past Tough Enough call-backs, athletes from various backgrounds, and independent wrestlers.

One call-back is Van Stokes, a former pro sports athlete who once auditioned for Tough Enough in 2011.

“Everyone has been telling me I am just built for it and I did ‘WWE Tough Enough’ in 2011 and was a finalist contestant on that and here I am again,” Stokes told a local Indiana TV station. “I still can’t wrap my mind around it. It’s not like I am not prepared to do it, it’s just I am more focused than I can be excited.”

Stokes said he was recruited at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding and fitness expo earlier this year in Ohio.

“So I was at an Arnold Classic and this dude just stopped me and asked, if I liked wrestling? I was like, yeah, I am interested. He asked, if I was athletic and I was like, ‘Yes.’ And he was like here is my email address and send me what you got,” Stokes explained. “Two months later – bam, I got it.”

This week’s try-out camp was presided over by Triple H, head trainer Jason Albert, and talent scout Gerald Brisco.

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