Extreme Rules betting results – odds accurately predict all match outcomes

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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May 22 PPV Update

The Extreme Rules betting lines held true on Sunday night. All of the favorites set by the oddsmakers won their matches on the PPV…


[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

May 21 Update

Since the initial Extreme Rules betting lines were released last week, the betting favorites have strengthened. It appears the only last-minute changes will come from WWE seeing another PPV leaning toward the heel side, leading to a change or two in the match outcomes.

– Roman Reigns has strengthened to -1,050 over A.J. Styles at +550.

– New Day is -475 over The Vaudevillains.

– Dean Ambrose is -650 over Chris Jericho at +420.

– Rusev has strengthened to -900 over Kalisto in the U.S. Title match.

– Charlotte is -840 over Natalya at +480.

– The Miz has strengthened to -505 vs. The Field at +200 and Cesaro at +400, Kevin Owens at +550, and Sami Zayn at +1,000.

– Baron Corbin is -900 over Dolph Ziggler at +400 on the pre-show.

May 14 Report

The early betting lines have been released for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV on May 22.

The lines are usually a good indicator of match results, barring last-minute adjustments when WWE makes booking changes.

– Roman Reigns is the top favorite at -400 over A.J. Styles at +280 in the WWE Title match.

– Rusev is -180 over U.S. champion Kalisto at +140. It’s a similar start to Payback when Ryback opened as the favorite over the champion, but WWE switched the booking to have Kalisto win.

– Cesaro is the top individual favorite in the IC Title four-way match at +110. The rest of the field (all three wrestlers’s chances of winning vs. Cesaro) is a slight favorite at -150.

Update: Individual odds have been released. The Miz has moved to the top individual favorite at +115. Cesaro is now at +150. Kevin Owens is +500, Sami Zayn is a distant +800, and The Field is now -155.

– New Day is -245 over The Vaudevillians at +175 in the WWE Tag Title match.

– Charlotte is -310 over Natalya at +230 in the Women’s Title match.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

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