Video – Dean Ambrose in weekly WWE interview – MITB cash-in after PPV main event?, brand split offer to the McMahons

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Dean Ambrose (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Dean Ambrose joined Tom Phillips (replacing Michael Cole) for this week’s weekly sit-down interview on WWE’s website.

The storyline-driven interview closed with Ambrose teasing a Money in the Bank cash-in after the MITB PPV main event if he were to win the briefcase.

After talking for a few minutes about Ambrose’s chances of winning the MITB ladder match, Phillips asked Ambrose if he will think about cashing in against one of his former Shield brothers – Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins – on the same show. Ambrose smiled and replied, “Yep,” to close the interview.

Leading up to the final question, Ambrose hyped his journey trying to get to the WWE World Title. Ambrose noted he’s been screwed by technicalities, referee switcheroos, feet under the bottom rope, and other things that have dragged him through 2-3 years of mud and gunk trying to get the WWE World Title, but always coming away empty-handed.

But, Ambrose said, “I still feel like I’m the king of this place. And no one can stop me.”

The bravado of Ambrose’s character included Ambrose joking about a conversation with Vince McMahon. Ambrose said he told McMahon that he’ll run Smackdown when the brand extension kicks in, so McMahon doesn’t have to work Tuesdays anymore. Asked for McMahon’s response, Ambrose said, “He said ‘no.'”

The conversation about the brand split included Ambrose selling himself to the highest bidder. He said he likes Shane McMahon, and even likes Stephanie McMahon, but he’ll really like whichever McMahon pays him the most. Ambrose said he’s not sure if they’ll end up running Raw or Smackdown, though.

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