6/6 WWE Raw TV Ratings – extremely mixed bag on Monday night

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week’s WWE Raw produced an extremely mixed bag in the TV Ratings department…

WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

June 6: Monday’s Raw scored a 2.28 rating, rebounding from a 2.19 rating last week on the Memorial Day holiday.

The show was nearly identical to a 2.29 rating two weeks ago following the Extreme Rules PPV.

A big concern remains the key demographic ratings. Adults 18-49 was essentially even with last week and males 18-34 did not move from a basement-level, historical low-point last week.

However, males 18-49 rebounded one-tenth of a rating to essentially the same point as two weeks ago.

– Raw’s three hours averaged 3.254 million viewers, up less than one percent from 3.229 million viewers last week.

The mixed bag especially kicked in with the hourly viewership trend:

  • First Hour: 3.371 million viewers (four-week high)
  • Second Hour: 3.490 million viewers (two-month high)
  • Third Hour: 2.903 million viewers (16.8% decline from the second hour)

The third hour was the second-least-watched hour this year, just topping 2.894 million third hour viewers on May 16.

The final hour decline of 16.8 percent set a new record in the three-hour era. The previous record was a 16.3 percent decline on February 22 for the post-Fast Lane/Shane McMahon Return episode where the audience peaked in the first two hours, like this week’s Raw, then fell off the table in the third hour.

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