TMZ – Charges dropped against Adam Rose in domestic violence case

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Adam Rose arrest - May 11, 2016 (Hillsborough County Arrest Records)


June 14 Update: Charges have been reportedly dropped against former WWE star Adam Rose (Ray Leppan) following his domestic violence arrest in May.

TMZ reports that prosecutors decided to drop the case against Leppan after reviewing the results of professional marriage counseling over the past month.

Leppan was arrested on charges of battery domestic violence and tampering with a witness after his wife, Cassandra, called 911 claiming that Leppan was being physically abusive in a late-night argument.

Leppan was suspended by WWE at the time for a Wellness Policy violation, then WWE suspended Leppan indefinitely following his arrest. A few weeks later, Leppan asked for his release from WWE all together.

The domestic violence case is now officially closed, according to court records cited by TMZ.

May 12 Update: Suspended WWE star Adam Rose (Ray Leppan) was released from jail on Thursday afternoon.

According to records from the Hillsborough County (Tampa, Fla.) Sheriff’s Office, Leppan was released at 4:10 p.m. EST after posting bond, which was set at $1,000.

Rose/Leppan appeared in a Florida court room on Thursday morning to review his domestic violence charges from early Wednesday morning.

The judge considered a restraining order against Rose (Ray Leppan) to not have contact with his wife, Cassandra, reports TMZ. However, Leppan was given leniency from the judge based on two items:

– Ray’s wife, Cassandra, asked for Leppan to come home, mainly because they have a special needs child who needs their care.

“I would like Ray to be released and to come home and be with his children and his wife,” she said to the judge.

“It was an argument that got out of control and he grabbed my face, and when he did that, I said I was calling 911.”

– Ray’s attorney argued that Leppan grabbing his wife “was not aggressive or painful” but rather “more of a passionate, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this.'”

TMZ also reported that the judge expressed reluctance to give Leppan leniency, citing a previous domestic violence incident in March that went public on Thursday.

“This has got to stop,” said Judge John Conrad (transcribed by the local Fox affiliate). “There’s going to be a price to be paid at some point if this doesn’t change… at some point there’s got be some intervention. No violent contact, no acts of violence, or threats of acts of violence against her in the future, do you understand that?” Leppan replied: “I do, sir, thank you.”

Bail was set at $1,000 – $500 for each of the two charges of battery domestic violence and tampering with a witness.

The judge also required Leppan to seek counseling from his church pastor once per week until a follow-up court hearing in June.

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