WWE Video – Seth Rollins in weekly interview – Rollins predicts WWE Title victory at MITB, talks Reigns

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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Seth Rollins (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


If you’re looking for clues on a potential double-turn in the WWE World Title match at Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins did not tip his hand in a weekly sit-down interview with Michael Cole on Wednesday.

Rollins played heel in the interview with Cole, boasting about having a mental edge over Reigns to think of every angle to win “by hook or by crook,” declaring certain victory over Reigns, and not being worried about a potential MITB cash-in by “a nutjob like Dean Ambrose” on the same night.

Rollins also avoided a question about whether he will try to win the WWE Title by himself, as opposed to using The Authority’s help to win and keep his first title in 2015.

Rollins closed the interview by guaranteeing that he will win back the WWE Title from Reigns on Sunday. It sets up Reigns to simply overcome the prideful heel challenger or Reigns to use a tactic unforeseen by Rollins, who is under-estimating Reigns heading into the title match.

As part of Rollins under-estimating Reigns, there is double-turn possibility with Reigns snapping on Rollins, perhaps “re-injuring” the surgically-repaired knee to prevent Rollins from winning back the title.

This comes the same day that WWE Network sent out a MITB email blast that makes Rollins sound like the sympathetic figure in the title match. The email targeting fans who likely already see Rollins as the face and Reigns as the heel reads: “Seth Rollins is back and wants his title! Seth Rollins has come back for the title he never lost.”

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