What would bring Trish Stratus back to WWE TV?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Gridlocked Movie - Trish Stratus


Other than WWE Hall of Fame appearances, Trish Stratus has mostly stayed off WWE TV for the past five years pursuing her yoga studio career and starting a family.

However, Stratus says she is open to returning to WWE to work the new crop of women’s wrestlers if it’s a good fit for her. She singled out Sasha Banks and Natalya as the top options based on fan input.

“The line I have always given people for the past ten years is, ‘Who would you guys like to see me fight?’ For a while, people really didn’t know who they would want to see me fight and make it worthwhile,” Stratus told Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio in a new interview.

“Would it make sense for me to come back and fight Sasha? I will never close the door if there is something that will challenge me. It would have to be a challenge to me, it would have to elevate someone else on the show and it would need to be something exciting for the fans. What do they want to see?

“They always ask who I would go back to work for and one person is Nattie. She isn’t one of the top current girls, but I never got a chance to work with her and it would be kind of dream to be able to. If I could return and have some challenging and good matches, I would have no doubt in coming back. Just as long as I could keep up in the ring, I think I would be okay.”

Stratus talked to Ring Rust to promote her involvement in the new Gridlocked action movie released on DVD earlier this week.

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