The Jericho Network announced, plus first podcast host

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Chris Jericho (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Chris Jericho and Podcast One announced Wednesday a “multi-faceted agreement” to create The Jericho Network.

TJN will expand on Jericho’s existing “Talk is Jericho” podcast to offer more shows that tap into Jericho’s wide array of interests.

“I’m stoked to bring some of the most talented, interesting, and hilariously ridiculous hosts to PodcastOne via The Jericho Network!” said Jericho in a press release. “My overall plan is for TJN to be an extension of the diverse array of subjects and guests I already feature on Talk Is Jericho twice a week. Get ready to be amazed, amused and entertained by ALL of the hosts and programs that will be added to TJN over the upcoming months…and don’t forget to wear a helmet!”

The first host on the expanded Jericho Network is former WCW star Konnan. “Future podcasts will take full advantage of Jericho’s involvement and interest in wrestling, music, paranormal activity, and pop-culture in general,” PodcastOne announced.

[ FYI: All podcasts on The Jericho Network will be available exclusively at, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes. ]

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  1. I like his podcasts, except when he has conspiracy theorists because they spout false crap like 9/11 was an inside job. It’s always funny though listening to people who actually think ghosts are real.

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