Charges dropped against Jerry Lawler & fiancee; WWE lifts suspension

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Jerry Lawler set to make return to Raw broadcast booth next week


July 1 Court Hearing Update

Update: WWE has lifted Jerry Lawler’s suspension and he is able to return to work, where he was Smackdown TV announcer.

Charges against Jerry Lawler and his fiancee Lauryn McBride have been dropped stemming from their domestic violence arrest in June.

Both appeared in Memphis court on Friday morning, where the charges were dismissed.

Ted Hansom, Lawler’s attorney, was quoted by the Commercial Appeal newspaper: “It was a big misunderstanding and won’t happen again. We are happy with the outcome.”

Both Lawler and McBride were charged with domestic violence following a late-night argument that brought out police when McBride called 911. The police reported physical violence, which Lawler downplayed in a Memphis radio station interview after being arrested.

The judge requested a two-week “cooling off period” on June 20 before the charges were re-visited on Friday. In addition to charges being dropped, Lawler and McBride will also have the incident expunged from their records.

June 20 Court Hearing Update

WWE announcer Jerry Lawler and his fiancee, Lauryn McBride, appeared in Memphis court on Monday morning to follow up on their domestic violence arrest late Thursday/early Friday.

The result was Judge William Turner setting bond conditions that they “stay away from each other,” reports the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper.

Both Lawler and McBride were joined by their attorneys at the hearing, where the judge met with each separately to address the situation.

“Those are standard bail conditions in a domestic violence case,” said McBride’s attorney Mark Mesler. “No contact, no communicating, no texts, no phone calls.”

Therefore, the charges against both Lawler and McBride were not officially dismissed, as Lawler hoped for. The next court hearing is July 1, according to the newspaper.

Lawler is currently “suspended indefinitely” by WWE. It remains to be seen if a lack of clear resolution to the legal matter affects Lawler’s standing with the company before July 1. Lawler was on the Smackdown announce team, and WWE tapes Smackdown Tuesday in Arizona.

Lawler downplayed the domestic violence incident in a Memphis radio interview on Saturday, saying he believes it was a private, heated argument that turned public when Lauryn, intoxicated, called 911 and hung up. Lawler claimed that no one was hurt or injured despite police reporting that each party got physical with the other.

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  1. Thank goodness Lawler can return to WWE TV. He is the only half decent announcer besides JBL left on WWE TV. And he shouldn’t be fighting with her in the middle of the night. Just go to sleep instead.

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