7/4 Raw TV Ratings – Raw falls below 2.0 for first time in two decades

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Raw fell below a 2.o TV rating by a significant margin for the “Fourth of July” edition of WWE Raw, establishing an historical low-point for Raw.

WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

July 4: WWE Raw scored a 1.87 TV rating, down 15.4 percent from last week’s 2.21 rating.

After 1,200+ episodes, this week’s Raw ranks in the Bottom 3 lowest ratings in the history of the show, just above a few episodes in the mid-1990s that scored at 1.8.

– Raw’s three hours averaged 2.658 million viewers, down 14.1 percent (about 450,000 viewers) from last week.

All three hours hovered around the same figure throughout the show.

  • First Hour: 2.663 million viewers (down 433,000 from last week)
  • Second Hour: 2.668 million viewers (down 505,000 from last week)
  • Third Hour: 2.643 million viewers (down 368,000 from last week)

To add insult to injury, the third hour declined – even by one percent – for the 16th consecutive week.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Two out of three key demos fell below the June 13 episode’s historical low point (the episode that scored a 2.03 TV rating).

Only males 18-34 showed signs of life this week, topping the June 13 airing. Meanwhile, adults 18-49 was down two-tenths of a rating and males 18-49 was down nearly three-tenths (19 percent).

– Historically, the Fourth of July has not been kind to Raw.

On July 4, 2011, Raw’s TV rating fell 24 percent and the viewing audience fell 25 percent from the previous week’s show. The audience was also hurt by Raw being a rare taped show when WWE taped both the June 27, 2011 and July 4 Raw episodes on the same night.

5 Comments on 7/4 Raw TV Ratings – Raw falls below 2.0 for first time in two decades

    • That’s insignificant and immaterial. Might as well say Raw ranked #1 among pro wrestling shows on Monday night. There was literally zero original programming on cable TV Monday night other than Raw. Only original programming was fireworks shows on broadcast TV.

  1. It’s an alarming trend. Their year over year viewership decline and overall ratings downturn has accelerated. If it keeps up, RAW will be in Spike TNA territory within two years. James, it should be pointed out that while overall tv viewership is down 10% this year, RAW is down over 25% year over year. They can’t comfort themselves when Raw’s audience is dissipating at such a rate. This trend bodes ill for their next television renewal package.

    • Vince & Company had this coming after years of shoving this cutesy “family-friendly” garbage down our throats; serves them right. I wonder if NBC Universal will even bother to renew them at all if they draw 1.0s or less.

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