UFC 200 RESULT – Brock Lesnar returns to UFC vs. Mark Hunt

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

UFC 200 - Brock Lesnar (c) UFC.com


Brock Lesnar won his UFC return fight against Mark Hunt in the semi-main event of UFC 200 Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Lesnar won the fight by unanimous decision 29-27 after pounding on Hunt with right hands for two out of three rounds.

Hunt survived a third round barrage of punches until the clock expired with both men exhausted from throwing and absorbing blows.

Lesnar noted in his post-fight interview that it “took me a little while to get acclimated” after not fighting for nearly five years.

Asked what’s next, Lesnar said he’s just taking it one day at a time. He said he was just happy to be back in the cage. He closed the interview with a shout-out to the officers who protect and serve this country. Lesnar then closed out his fight return by embracing his wife, former WWE women’s wrestler Sable, inside the octagon.

Lesnar was non-committal about whether he will fight again, but the anti-climatic victory will likely leave him hungry for another fight in the Heavyweight division.

At the beginning of this journey, WWE labeled Lesnar’s UFC return a “one-off fight,” but after WWE and UFC seemingly drew closer together during the fight build-up, it will be interesting to see if Lesnar fights again to begin chasing the Hvt. Title he once held.

As for Saturday night, Lesnar won in the most underdog way, according to Las Vegas and international oddsmakers.

Hunt was the favorite to win, plus in match decision odds, Hunt was favored to win by either Knockout or Three-Round Decision. Lesnar was an underdog individually and in the match decision odds to win by Knockout or Three-Round Decision.

This was a different Lesnar, who was showed up lean and in solid fighting shape to battle the powerful Hunt, defying the betting odds. Lesnar made it through the “cardiovascular wall” in the second round, then pounded on Hunt in the final round until the fight was either stopped or time expired.

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  1. I never saw how Hunt could be considered the favorite going into the fight. He is a journeyman fighter and came into the fight with a mediocre 12-10-1 record. His only impressive wins came over 10 years ago.

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