WWE TV update – Shane McMahon “hires” Smackdown GM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Update: Shane McMahon has decided on the Smackdown General Manager in WWE storylines.

Shane tweeted Tuesday afternoon: “I’m very excited to announce that terms were agreed to today with the new Smackdown GM. The person will be revealed live this Monday on Raw.”

On a related note, it appears WWE is doing away with the recently-introduced “COOs” for the individual shows, barring a third authority figure being added to each brand.

Shane is the Commissioner of Smackdown, Stephanie McMahon is the Commissioner of Raw, Shane has “hired” a GM for SD, and Stephanie will “hire” a GM for Raw.

July 11 Raw Report

WWE has set up the authority figures running their top shows during the Brand Split Era.

Stephanie McMahon will run Raw and Shane McMahon will run Smackdown.

The announcement was made by Mr. McMahon in the final segment of Monday’s Raw.

Both will name a COO running “day-to-day operations” on next week’s Raw (July 18) leading into the Live Smackdown Draft on July 19.

Included was a teaser of Triple H getting re-involved in the situation.

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