7/17 WWE in Glens Falls, N.Y. Results – Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Owens wraps tour, Cena & Usos vs. Styles & The Club big tag match, Wyatts vs. New Day


WWE Live Show Results
July 17, 2016
Glens Falls, N.Y.
Report by Torch VIP member Matt Z.

I am a VIP member and I attended the WWE Live Show in Glens Falls on Sunday night. Good crowd, packed, at about 75 percent capacity I’d say. Jojo was the ring announcer.

(1) WWE tag champions The New Day (Big E. & Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) beat The Wyatt Family in a six-man tag match. Woods pinned Rowan. Solid match with some good spots, and the crowd was cheering for both teams. New Day memorabilia dominated in the crowd but Bray can carry his own in terms of crowd popularity (at least with this crowd).

(2) Alberto Del Rio beat Zack Ryder via submission. Basic match. It begs why Ryder is facing Rusev for the U.S. Title at Battleground when he can’t even go over at a house show.

(3) Mark Henry & Jack Swagger beat Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) when Henry pinned Axel after the World’s Strongest Slam. Good to see Henry, as he got a fairly big pop from the crowd. Short match, with a random assortment, but having Henry in it made it cool.

(4) Apollo Crews beat Sheamus via roll-up pin. Pet peeve of my friend (who went with me) and I, we hate roll-up wins generally all the time, but it is especially annoying at a house show.

(5) John Cena & The Uso beat A.J. Styles & The Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) in a six-man tag match. Jey pinned Doc Gallows. Exciting match. Cena was the loudest pop of the night, definitely electric, and A.J. was #2. Big “Let’s Go Cena / A.J. Styles” dual chant at the beginning of the match, which was ruined by a dance-off by all participants (although Cena dancing was funny). I was surprised Cena took a lot of offense from the Club. Cool spot with Cena hitting Gallows with an AA while the Usos connected on a double splash for the finish.


(6) Becky Lynch beat Natalya via submission to the Dis-arm-her. Really good match, with some nice technical spots. The crowd was behind Becky.

(7) Neville beat Chris Jericho. Jericho cut a heel promo at the beginning. Typical Y2J stuff, which was fun to see in-person. It was also fun to see the crowd pop when his music hit and then boo equally as loud by the time his pre-match promo was done. He said he was responsible for Neville’s injury, so it will be interesting to see if they carry that storyline over to main roster. Neville looked good, moved around well, and was fast in the match. Neville hit the 450 splash for the win.

(8) WWE World Hvt. champion Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins in a triple threat to retain the WWE Championship. Behind Cena and Styles, New Day and Ambrose received the biggest pops. The crowd was behind Dean. Solid triple threat match. Owens hit a pop-up powerbomb on Rollins, then took Dirty Deeds from Ambrose and the pinfall to send everyone home happy.

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