7/23 WWE in Wildwood, N.J. Results – Roman Reigns returns to action post-suspension & faces Kevin Owens, U.S. Title match, Enzo & Cass

Roman Reigns returns from suspension - July 23, 2016 - Wildwood, N.J. (photo credit Robert Riccardi/PWTorch)


WWE Live Show Results
July 23, 2016
Wildwood, N.J.
Report by Robert Riccardi, PWTorch correspondent

Ring Announcers: Tony Chimel and Jo Jo.

(1) Enzo & Big Cass beat The Dudleys. The usual opening by Cass and Enzo with the SAWFT and the “How you doin?” The Dudleys have great in-ring presence and help elevate Enzo and Big Cass. Enzo pinned Bubba Ray for the win. Enzo and Cass posed with fans after the match.

(2) Cesaro beat Titus O’Neil via submission. Mostly a technical match between the two crowd favorites. Cesaro swung Titus and made him submit for the win. A gentleman’s match. Great show.

(3) Goldust & R-Truth beat Tyler Breeze & Fandango. The “What’s up?” by Ron Killings is always fun. Quite a fun match with Truth pinning Breeze for the win. Fandango grabbed mic and demanded another match because it was his birthday. So… Big Show came out..

(4) Big Show beat Tyler Breeze & Fandango. A two-second match. Show chokeslammed them for the win, then celebrated with the crowd.

(5) U.S. champion Rusev (w/Lana) beat Sami Zayn and Kalisto in a triple threat match to retain the U.S. Title. For most of the match, Zayn and Kalisto worked in the ring while Rusev remained outside. Lana interfered and was ejected. But, Rusev pinned Kalisto to keep the title. Post-match, both Kalisto and SZ applied their finishers on Rusev to make the crowd happy.


(6) Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox beat Women’s champion Charlotte (w/Dana Brooks) & Summer Rae. Action packed with Sasha submitting Summer Rae for the win. The Boss and Fox celebrated with the crowd post-victory.

(7) Baron Corbin beat Dolph Ziggler. Both Corbin and Ziggler worked the crowd throughout the match. Ziggler is very agile and that played well with Corbin, who has strong potential. Corbin pinned Ziggler for the win. Ziggler then worked the crowd on his exit.

(8) Roman Reigns beat Kevin Owens in the main event. This was Reigns’s first match back from suspension. KO cut a promo on Reigns’s suspension at which Reigns appeared. As Reigns arrived at the ring, KO said that “there are rules, but I guess that you don’t follow them.” Reigns Superman-punched KO only for a two count. He subsequently speared KO for the victory in a triumphant return. KO is a great worker and he will be better when he turns face. Reigns was stiff at first, but KO helped with extra mic work. Owens has a bright future.

Afterthoughts: Wildwood Convention Center was three-fourths full, but the crowd was hot. No return date was announced, but Tony Chimel noted sometime next summer. Good show overall, but the women’s match fell short due to Charlotte’s slow ring work. Sasha was the bright spot at least.

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