Rusev & Lana officially marry Friday in California

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Rusev & Lana - Staples Center in Los Angeles - June 18, 2016 (photo by William Noetling/PWTorch)


Rusev and Lana completed one of two weddings Friday night (July 29) in Malibu, California.

This follows a few weeks of Lana stressing her exclusive relationship with Rusev on TV before introducing the U.S. champion to the ring.

Cameras were on-hand to film the wedding for Season 6 of “Total Divas,” where Lana will be joining the cast.

Rusev and Lana are also scheduled for a traditional wedding in Bulgaria on September 2, which is also expected to be filmed for Total Divas.

Season 6 of Total Divas is scheduled to premiere this fall, coinciding with the “Total Bellas” spin-off show.

[ WWE Announcement of Rusev & Lana wedding ]

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  1. That whole stupid angle WWE did with Russev and Lana splitting up earlier just showed how much WWE Creative seriously has their heads so far up their rear ends. That was the most horrible angle in a long time and thank god Russev and Lana are back together on screen.

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