WWE’s chief marketer Wilson cashes out more WWE stock

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


August 22 Update

Marketing executive Michelle Wilson cashed out another 12,100 shares of WWE stock on Friday that was disclosed in an SEC filing Monday.

Wilson’s two transactions added up to gross proceeds of nearly $1.0 million…

– Aug. 18 Transaction: 27,900 shares sold at $20.88 per share for gross of $582,552.

– New Aug. 19 Transaction: 12,100 shares sold at an average price of $20.91 per share for gross of $253,011.

– TOTAL: $835,563 gross proceeds. Wilson now owns 331,159 shares of WWE stock following the two transactions.

August 19 Report

WWE wrapped up its busy week of SEC filings on Friday by disclosing that another top-ranking executive cashed out WWE stock this week.

Marketing executive Michelle Wilson sold 27,900 shares of WWE stock for gross proceeds of about half-a-million dollars in a transaction dated Thursday (August 18) and reported on Friday.

WWE reported that Wilson sold 27,900 shares at an average price of $20.88, translating to approximate gross proceeds of $582,552. There were multiple transactions ranging between $20.70 and $21.10 per share.

Wilson now owns 343,259 shares of company stock, trailing financial executive George Barrios and TV executive Kevin Dunn as the top non-McMahon Family shareholders.

Wilson is the latest executive to take advantage of WWE trading at the highest point over the last year. Last week, Dunn sold 56,000 shares for gross proceeds of $1.15 million.

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