Raw Best-of-Seven Video – Cesaro beats Sheamus in London to keep series going

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Cesaro - WWE 2K16 Video Game (c) 2K Sports

Update: WWE released footage of the Cesaro vs. Sheamus match Wednesday night in London, which Cesaro won to keep the Best-of-Seven series going.


WWE presented Match #4 of the best-of-seven series between Sheamus (3-0) and Cesaro (0-3) at a special live show Wednesday night in London, England.

The result was Cesaro winning his first match in the series to stay alive.

Cesaro, now down 1-3, faces Sheamus in Match #5 on this coming week’s Raw episode.

If Cesaro wins Match #5, Cesaro and Sheamus will presumably have Match #6 on the September 19 Raw leading into Clash of Champions.

If Cesaro wins Match #6, the finals would presumably be held at the Clash PPV on September 25.

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