RADICAN UNBOXES – Lucha Loot’s August 2016 Deluxe Booty Chest (w/Video & Coupon Code!)


radmaskBy Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

The latest PWTorch.com unboxing video features an unboxing of the August 2016 Lucha Loot Deluxe Booty Chest.

Lucha Loot features 100 percent authentic lucha libre merchandise. There are two options when signing up. You can either purchase a Standard Chest or a Deluxe Booty Chest…

The Deluxe Booty Chest comes with extra items, but no matter which chest you order, you will a high-quality mask, t-shirt, a copy of “Rudo Can’t Fail,” and a signed 8×10. One of the items in your box will be an item that has never been released to the public previously.

When it comes to monthly wrestling crates, Lucha Loot definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. To put it simply, each box is usually so packed that I wonder how the folks at Masked Republic manage to stay within their budget.

The shirt designs have been fantastic. Many of the Masked Republic shirts that have been featured in Lucha Loot feature some incredible artwork. The Deluxe Booty Chest featured a fantastic mix of items for August. The Fishman mask, Psychosis autograph, and Viva La Lucha Live in the 619 limited edition t-shirt are worth double what Lucha Loot charges for the box.


The Psychosis autograph is a fantastic edition to anyone’s collection, especially people like me that got into lucha libre through ECW and then the Monday Night Was.

There’s also a bonus signed item this month on the Viva La Lucha Live in the 619 VIP laminate, which is an awesome edition to the box this month. The laminates were signed by different wrestlers on the card, so not everyone got the same autograph.

The laminate inserted into my crate was signed by Zokre, who is best known for tagging with Phoenix Star as Los Luchas on the California independent scene.

With the added value of the “Rudo Can’t Fail” magazine, which has an article about Fishman, a Rey Mysterio official WWE Rumbler, and the “Desperadoes Del Ring Vol. 2” DVD, there’s just a ton of value in this box!

And now to the unboxing video!

You can purchase a subscription to Lucha Loot by visiting LuchaLoot.com. Act fast, as the deadline to order the latest Lucha Loot chest is Sept. 15. Crates ship around the 21st each month. No items are ever repeated.

Attention: Get 10 percent off your first Lucha Loot Chest by entering the code PWTORCH at LuchaLoot.com!


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