RADICAN UNBOXES – Wrestle Crate’s August 2016 Ultimate Crate (w/Video & Coupon Code!)


By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

The latest unboxing video for WrestleCrate.com features an unboxing of the August 2016 Ultimate Wrestle Crate.  There are two options when signing up that allow you to choose between a Standard or Ultimate crate.

– The Standard crate description states that you will get a t-shirt along with other items such as Mattel WWE Action Figures, Funko Pop Vinyl’s, Fatheads, and Topps trading cards each month.

– The Ultimate crate description states that you will get even more wrestling goodness, including items such as WWE Elite Action Figures, WWE Battlepack Action Figures, and WWE Defining Moment Action Figures.

From what I’ve experienced from unboxing videos of past Ultimate crates, which start at $29.99 (plus $6 shipping), you will get a ton of value for your money. In each Ultimate crate there’s a combination of a figure, an exclusive t-shirt, a limited edition print, an autographed photo, and overall more items than in the Standard crate.

The big hook for Wrestle Crate Ultimate Crate subscribers are the WWE Elite figures. There wasn’t a figure included in the crate this month. This might make subscribers upset, but sometimes it’s just not possible for WrestleCrate to get enough stock in from the figure providers due to their large subscription base. This is the first crate I’ve seen from Wrestle Crate that didn’t have a figure in 2016.

I thought Wrestle Crate had a solid strategy this month. They had two autographed photos in the box this month, which you will see in the unboxing. I was pleased to get both of these autographs, although I can see one of the signatures being polarizing.

Not only did WrestleCrate try to make up for no figure this month by doubling up on the signed photos, but subscribers also got two t-shirts. You will see both shirts in the video. I liked both shirts, but the Orton themed shirt blew away the Wyatt Family themed shirt.

One of the extra items for WrestleCrate subscribers this year has been a DVD. Usually when they include a DVD it has been either an older WWE DVD or an older ROH DVD. I think a better choice is always going with something more current. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wrestle Crate work with some popular indies to include some current DVDs after this month, as I think subscribers will happy to see ROH’s “14th Anniversary” PPV in their box. That’s a good value considering ROH doesn’t discount their DVDs often.

Overall, this wasn’t one of the better Wrestle Crates in 2016, but that’s not to say people didn’t get value in this crate. The problem is that people that subscribe to this crate are going to want Mattel Elite figures more often than not. Wrestle Crate has done a good job of delivering the Mattel Elite figures on a consistent basis and getting the new line of ROH figures in the July Ultimate Crate was a huge get for the company.

The Orton-themed shirt and ROH DVD are worth the price of admission and more on their in my opinion. When you throw in the signed photos and coaster, it’s clear this crate was worth the money.

And now to the unboxing video!

You can purchase a subscription to Wrestle Crate by visiting WrestleCrate.com. You can also follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrates.

Act fast, as the deadline to order the latest crate is August 18. Each crate normally ships during the third week of the month so it arrives at the end of the month or no later than the beginning of the next month. This service is also available to customers in Europe by visiting Wrestlecrate.co.uk.

COUPON CODE: To save 10 percent off your first crate, enter the code PWTORCH at checkout!


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