9/5 Raw TV Ratings Update – Labor Day Raw numbers

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WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

September 5 Update: Raw scored a 2.11 TV rating on Labor Day, down 11 percent from the August 29 Raw featuring a Universal Title match.

In the key demographics, Raw fell among adults and males 18-49. However, males 18-34 was close to the Aug. 29 episode.

– Raw’s three hours averaged 3.069 million viewers, down 10 percent (about 350,000 viewers) from last week.

The Labor Day holiday edition of Raw started fine with first-hour viewership nearly matching last week. However, the final two hours dropped significantly without the hook of a major title match and with Raw facing the opening week of college football…

  • First Hour: 3.350 million viewers (down only 42,000 viewers from last week)
  • Second Hour: 3.066 million viewers (down 372,000 from last week)
  • Third Hour: 2.792 million viewers (down 617,000 from last week)

The third hour dropped 9.0 percent from the second hour, continuing the streak of 25 consecutive weeks the third hour has declined from the second hour.

DVR Update: The third hour got a strong DVR bump to make up for some of the big decline, but the third hour remained the least-watched overall.

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