Collectibles Update – Topps runs Clash of Champions contest with interesting wording


By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles specialist

Prior to the Clash of Champions PPV, Topps ran a contest on the company’s WWE Slam digital trading card app asking fans to predict who will “leave Clash of Champions as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion.”

Fans had the option to vote for Charlotte, Bayley, or Sasha Banks, and anyone who picked correctly would win 10,000 digital coins, which can be used to buy packs.

Moore’s Thoughts: The interesting thing about this was the very particular language used by Topps. When Topps has done these contests on WWE Slam before, fans have been asked to predict the winner of a match. In this case, Topps asked fans to predict who would leave as champion.

clashcharlotteSpecifically, the Charlotte voting option stated, “**This does not mean Charlotte wins the match tonight.**”

Given the awkward double pin on Raw a couple weeks ago and the lack of follow-up since, this teased the possibility of another double pin between Bayley and Sasha, with Charlotte retaining.

It turned out to simply be a way to make gamers think before making their pick, as Charlotte ended up winning the match straight-up by pinning Bayley.

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